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Justice League Film Opens Today

The Justice League film opens today in North America, co-starring Ezra Miller as the Flash! Hopefully everyone who chooses to see it will enjoy it, and ideally this will kickstart the Flashverse mythos in the DC cinematic universe.

At left is an IMAX promotional poster by Mike Mahle, and below is art to promote the film in Asia (artist unknown).

New Justice League Flash Teaser

The Justice League movie is only a month away, and Warner Brothers has been doing a lot of promotion for it recently. At left is an animated image (you have to click on it to see the animation) of Barry Allen as the Flash, and below is a short featurette about what he’ll be like in the film. Ezra Miller tells the audience a bit about Barry and his powers, including mention of the Speed Force, and there’s a couple of film clips which appear to be new. Check it out here.

The movie will be out on November 17th. Who’s planning to watch it in the theatre?

New “Justice League” Trailer

The latest (and possibly the last) Justice League movie trailer debuted at NYCC today, and you can watch it below. Titled “Official Heroes”, it gives us a glimpse of all the Leaguers and some of the forces of Apokalips.

Not a lot of Flash scenes here, aside from the goofy little bit at the end, but there are some good shots of his speed in action.

The film is due out on November 17th, so it’s not very far away now. Are you planning to watch it in the theatre?

New Justice League Posters

There’s not really much to talk about here, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t show some of the interesting posters Warner Brothers has recently released to promote next month’s Justice League film. There’s promotional material for most of the main cast (minus Superman, whose symbol still appears with the other Leaguers’), but we’re mainly concerned with the Flash posters, for obvious reasons.

Naturally, some wiseacres have already edited this one so the “All In” phrase says “Allen” on Barry’s. This image was released both alone and as part of a composite image of most of the Leaguers, and the “All In” slogan is used for all of them. You can see the other posters at Deadline.

This image appears to just be a phone advertisement, but it’s still visually striking.

Plus, apparently there will be a new movie trailer debuting at New York Comic Con on Sunday. That may be the final one, as the film’s due out on November 17th and is thus only six weeks away. Look for the clip to be posted here!

New Justice League Movie Poster

It wouldn’t be SDCC without some DC film news, so the company has released a new poster for the upcoming Justice League movie. It’s got a nice shot of the team (minus Superman), and it’s neat how the text has incorporated all of their symbols.

The film is due out on November 17, 2017, so it’s not far away now. What do you think of the poster?

Justice League Film Trailer

Warner Brothers has released the first full trailer for the Justice League film, and there’s a lot to see. Check it out here.

The Flash scene with the batarang has been shown previously, but we get a glimpse of Henry Allen and an obvious hint about Barry’s backstory (it’s probably going to be de rigueur in every portrayal of Barry from now on). Plus a bit of tension between the metahumans and the all-too-human Batman, which is always welcome. And Aquaman seems like he may be the breakout star of this film.

The movie will be released in November of this year.

What do you think of the trailer, and the scenes with Barry? Looking forward to the film? Share your thoughts here!