Speed Force

“I Know Who You Are” Review of S3 Ep20 of THE FLASH

Okay folks – you’ve been waiting to see just WHO is in that strange metallic suit. Who IS Savitar? In this episode we finally find out, and all the rumors can be laid to rest. Who did it turn out to be? Jay Garrick? Ronnie Raymond? Eddie Thawne? Or…someone else? WARNING – DO NOT go past the jump if you haven’t seen this week’s episode, “I Know Who You Are”, S3 Ep 20 of THE FLASH!


In some respects this episode could be renamed, “I don’t know who I am”. We see a lot of the cast running through their own crises of conscience, making serious mistakes while trying to figure out just who they are and what they feel about their situations. It all starts with…

Caitlin kidnaps Cecile! She uses her to trade for Tracy Brand. Savitar knows about her, and he wants Caitlin to become a real “Killer” Frost by killing the one person who can stop him.

Cisco finally is able to stop Caitlin, with encouragement from Julian. And, they finally get Tracy on track toward her hoped-for speed force trap. But, we are far from done here…

Joe finally comes clean with Cecile, and confesses his love for her. As the West household celebrates…some things finally become clear to Barry.

This hits Barry…after all, he supposedly created Savitar, right? He runs off to meet Savitar to tell him that he finally knows who Savitar is.

And Savitar is…

Future Barry!

Yes, we are mirroring the Future Flash storyline, with a future version of Barry Allen himself as the “big bad” of Season 3!


SUMMARY: Overall this was a good episode with a HUGE impact for the season. The special effects were good…but even better was the acting of the cast this week. I’m glad we have the mystery of Savitar’s identity solved…and I don’t mind that we are mirroring the “Future Flash” arc. This is a good twist…let’s see where the remaining three episodes take us. I’ll give this episode a solid 8 – what do YOU think? Leave your comments below!