“The Lazarus Contract” Starts HERE! Review of TITANS #11

For those who don’t remember Ravager (and what happened to Deathstroke’s son back in the day), we get a REBIRTH reimagining of that final, fatal scene. Slade wants nothing more than to…turn back time? Can he really do that? And how does this fit with both the TITANS and the new Teen Titans group? Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


Deathstroke has had his sight restored due to an unknown donor…and the first thing he wants to do is somehow save the son he lost a long time ago. The question is…how?

We start to get an idea when Wally disappears in the middle of battle. No one can trace him, and the only clue is the word “Lazarus”, spoken by one of the defeated bad guys.

Meanwhile Wally finds himself a captive of Deathstroke. Wally is answering any and all questions, thanks to an anti-inhibitor Slade gave him. Slade is tapping into his speedforce energy in an attempt to bend time, and Slade has a bargain for Wally…help him go back in time and save his son, and Slade will stop being Deathstroke…forever!

Wally does his best to convince Deathstroke how disastrous that could be (after all, Wally knows about FLASHPOINT). But, Deathstroke will not be stopped. Even when Wally turns him down flat, Slade will not be stopped. After all, he has a back up…named Wally!

Yes, Deathstroke has also captured Kid Flash!

And new Wally meets original Wally as we hit the final splash page of this issue…meaning we are headed straight for the crossover in TEEN TITANS!

NOTES: While the Wallys and Slade make up the majority of the plot, there is still an undercurrent that should not be ignored. Somehow, for some reason, Dick Grayson is hiding something from Omen. Nightwing may be one of the few non-metas who could do that, but why? And more importantly, what is Dick keeping away from his friends? As for the main storyline, this was another great issue focusing on the classic Wally West – storytellers Priest, Benjamin Percy and regular series writer Dan Abnett have this nailed down tight. The artwork is once again simply amazing, thanks to Brett Booth (pencils), Norm Rapmund (inks), and Andrew Dalhouse (colors, with pages 8 and 14-15 colored by Carrie Strachan). This continues to be one of the very best series DC publishes today, and it’s another 10/10 for me. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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