“Justice For All” Panel at SDCC

DC held its ‘Justice For All’ panel today at SDCC, and Flash writer Joshua Williamson talked a bit about his series. He spoke about the differences between Barry Allen and Eobard Thawne, and hinted about what we’ll be seeing in the upcoming Negative-Flash story arc. Both CBR and Newsarama have been covering the panel.

As reported by CBR:

The Flash then took center stage, the first question for [Joshua] Williamson was focused on his collaborator, Howard Porter. Williamson related an anecdote about meeting Porter years ago, “He drew me a sketch of Robot Hourman and it was so hard to not just fanboy out on him when we started working.”

Inman then asked about Williamson’s recent work with Eobard Thawne. “I don’t think I’ve really remade anything,” Williamson explained about his own incarnation, “My favorite Flash story of all time is “The Return of Barry Allen” which tells a lot of Thawne’s origin. Thawne’s an obsessive fan […] he looked up to Barry as if Barry was a comic book character, almost like the Barry looked up to Jay’s comics in the 60s.”

“And then Thawne met Barry and realized that he’s just a person, he’s got flaws, and he was heartbroken. It kind of drove him crazy. So that stuff was already all there.” Williamson explained, “Barry is so full of hope, he’s sometimes hard to write. With Thawne, it’s the reverse! It’s almost easier. And because he’s such a fan, he knows all of [Barry’s weakpoints.]”

Williamson went on to talk about the recent developments in The Flash and the “negative speed force” which is the speed force that powers Thawne, so when Barry goes into the Negative Speed Force, he becomes infected by it.

The screen then displayed a character design for Barry’s infected “negative Flash” state, complete with ominous black lightning and rictus skull-like face.

“I think people are going to be very excited about the stuff that’s coming up for The Flash, we’re getting to get to a lot of things fans have been asking for.” Williamson teased.

To add to CBR’s coverage about Professor Zoom, Newsarama quotes Williamson as saying “All Thawne wants to do is continue to drag Barry down to his level.” Plus, the writer said that he’s been seeding stories since Flash: Rebirth #1 which we’ll be seeing come into play soon, and that there’s at least one easter egg for the upcoming story arc in Flash #1.

And once the panel began taking questions, Williamson spoke a bit about Red Death, the dark Flash from the upcoming Flash #33. “The best villains always think they’re the hero of their own story.” It may tell us a bit about what he’ll be like.

That’s all of the Flash comics discussion from the panel. But keep watch for more Flash media coverage today!


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