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The fourth season of The Flash TV series begins a month from now (October 10th), and the CW has just released a new thirty-second teaser for the first episode or two. The promo is titled “Hero Reborn”, and is about Barry’s return to reality after spending an unknown amount of time in the Speed Force.

What do you think of the clip? Are you looking forward to the upcoming season and a non-speedster Big Bad? Share your thoughts of what you’d like to see!


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Lia is a Canadian fan of the Flashes and the Rogues. She's particularly interested in memorabilia of the Rogues and Reverse Flashes, collecting art, and memorizing a whole lot of pointless trivia. She may be the world's only diehard fan of the Top due to a love of hopeless causes, and she runs a fan blog on Tumblr, known as gorogues or The Rogues Kick Ass.

4 thoughts on “Flash Season 4 Teaser

  1. Rob

    I read a fan theory online about how this would be the perfect opportunity for the creative team to adapt their own version of Mark Waid’s “The Return of Barry Allen” story arc. In this case Wally decides to become the new Flash and then Barry returns, only several episodes later we discover that its actually Eobard Thawne and the real Barry returns from the Speed Force to stop him.

    Just by watching this clip and seeing the darker look on Grant’s face, and the scared and/or panic on Candice’s face when there is a speedster running around the cortex, makes me think that maybe that theory isn’t too far-fetched. Plus it looks like a speedster broke out of a cell in the pipeline.

    1. Lia Post author

      Hmmm, that’s a really interesting idea! It’s somewhat at odds with the few details the showrunners have mentioned thus far, but they’d certainly be keeping things under wraps and wouldn’t want to hint at that plot, so who knows? I do like the idea, and of course we all know that Thawne will be back at some point, so they’ve got to bring him back somehow. We’ll see, I guess!


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