Flashpoint Movie Update: New Script, Now With Added Wonder Woman

CBR reports that Joby Harold’s Flashpoint movie script is done. They’re still looking for a new director, after Rick Famuyiwa’s exit last November.

One interesting thing I don’t recall noticing before: According to CBR, both Cyborg and Wonder Woman will appear in the film. Cyborg had been previously attached, but Wonder Woman’s a more recent addition, reported last month in Forbes, which also indicates that Flashpoint is scheduled for 2020.

The original Flashpoint comic book featured the entire Earth-based DCU, with a Themiscyra/Atlantis war threatening to engulf the world. No word yet on Aquaman, but it seems likely at this point that he’ll be involved. And the core story was a team-up between Flash/Barry Allen and Batman/Thomas Wayne…


3 thoughts on “Flashpoint Movie Update: New Script, Now With Added Wonder Woman

  1. Robby

    I hate how Warner Bros. can’t get a director for the Flashpoint movie, yet they can make a Teen Titans Go movie. Sucks Aquaman will be the only DC film next year, however I have high hopes for it!!

  2. Lia

    The rumour mill has it that Flashpoint will be a “coming of age” movie, and that Barry and Iris are college-aged in the Justice League movie. We’ll see, I guess, because we’ve heard so many things which never came to fruition.

    1. Flash Fan

      Oh my god I hope that is not true. I don’t want a Flashpoint film to be a coming of age film, if they wanted a coming of age film/origin film they should have gone with a true standalone solo Flash film first not a film that includes the rest of the Justice League plus multiple others.


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