“Welcome to Iron Heights” Review of THE FLASH #32

Barry is still dealing with the fallout from his own choices, and from his connection to the Negative Speed Force. His personal life is a shambles, and he doesn’t trust his new powers at all.  Barry’s relationship with Iris is on hold, his friendship with young Wally is in a very guarded place, and his job…well there’s a reason for that title. Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


At the end of last issue, both Barry and Kristen were transferred out of the CCPD Lab and over to Iron Heights Crime Scene Preservation. It’s not a pretty place at all, and there are dangers everywhere. The boss is no picnic either, and seeing a few familiar faces at Iron Heights is far from comforting.

In his Flash alter ego, Barry is training with young Wally and appears to be doing a better job at handling the Negative Speed Force – but when they return to civilian identities the relationship also returns to a, shall we say somewhat more “negative” state (couldn’t resist the pun).

Elsewhere, Copperhead is trying to figure out who the new crime lord in Central City could be without success…and with all of this going on…

Barry finds another speedster, one that is both familiar and surprising…

It’s the return of Meena! In an all-black version (with white trim) of Flash’s uniform!

NOTES: Okay, there are a lot of plot lines going on here in that relatively small DC page count. That can make this story jump around a bit. And, Warden Wolfe is a bit over the top as a bad boss that makes a certain newspaper editor in the Marvel world seem like a really nice guy.  But, we do have some compelling stories going on here. As the Flash, Barry is starting to make some positive strides, but as himself Barry is still struggling. If anything, things are getting worse for Barry in his personal life. He is trying to piece his life back together, but as in real life that’s not an easy thing to do. Josh Williamson continues to give us a very human Barry, one that makes for an excellent read. The artwork is excellent, thanks to Christian Duce (with colors by Ivan Plascencia).  I’ll give this one an 8/10 – what do YOU think! Leave your comments below!


1 thought on ““Welcome to Iron Heights” Review of THE FLASH #32

  1. Robby

    I loved seeing Godspeed fight Heatwave in prison. I really want to see all of the villains that inhabit Iron Heights. Imagine them fighting? Wait, that’s Rogue War. Nm. I can’t wait to see Captain Cold as a crime boss and I loved the idea of calling the guards the Pipeline after the famous ward from pre-Flashpoint.


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