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Crisis On Earth-X Conclusion – Review

THIS is how you should do a crossover. CRISIS ON EARTH-X checks off all the boxes – spectacular action, high-impact emotional content, opportunities for each character to shine, and significant implications for future storylines all around. Best of all, no one talked about having a mother named Martha (sorry, just had to add that)! We will have minimal spoilers here, because you really should see this – if you haven’t you are truly missing out on the best effort from DCTV yet! Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!

Some Spoilers Ahead!

NOTE: This review is posting before the finale of CRISIS ON EARTH-X airs in the Pacific Time Zone USA. If you haven’t seen the show yet, STOP HERE and check back later! You will be very glad you did!

We pick up where we left off last night, with our heroes in a concentration camp on Earth-X. All the horrors of our Earth’s World War II are there, down to the yellow stars and pink triangles on those kept at this terrible place.  Our heroes have collars that both dampen metahuman powers and provide a shock to down both regular humans and metas alike. Just when all is about to be lost, we find a hero on Earth-X…

Citizen Cold!

Yes, the version of Len Snart (call me Leo) we saw in the comics of FLASHPOINT is here on Earth-X, and he frees not only our heroes but also his love, the Ray! They are taken to the main base of the Resistance on Earth-X, run by that world’s version of Winn Schott.  There is a way back to Earth One…but the race is on to get there before Winn’s ace in the hole blows it up. Let’s just say they do get back, taking Cold and the Ray with them.  The way it goes down is well worth watching, so we’ll leave it there for now. There is one major thing that comes out of this…

…Stein is mortally wounded. More on that later.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking for our Kara, as Thawne is ready for a heart transplant for her evil doppelganger Overgirl. Iris and Felicity give a valiant effort and manage to delay the worst, then the appearance of the rest of the Legends helps to turn the tide.

What we learn is that Overgirl (evil Kara) may turn supernova when she dies from this bad heart…but that doesn’t stop the battle for now. It is a HUGE fight.

Yes the good guys eventually win, but how we get there is done in exceptional battle scenes, mixed with some great emotional content.  The biggest loss is Stein, in a heart wrenching scene. But, with the eventual win for the good guys, we start to see things come back together. Speaking of coming back together…

We finally get the wedding(s).  Yes, TWO weddings! Barry and Iris…and Ollie and Felicity!

…and yes, I’m purposely skipping over MAJOR scenes in this review. You really should see the whole thing. It’s worth it!


SUMMARY: This is what the Justice League should have been – it sets the high mark for DCTV and for future superhero team ups.  This did what a crossover should do. It recognized prior continuity and didn’t shy away from the baggage each character brought to the story. It gave us significant emotional impact and provided implications for future stories for every show afterward. It gave us a true ensemble approach that respected each show that came into the crossover, and provided excellent plot lines and spectacular action sequences.  What more could you want?

This ended up a full 10/10 for me – I absolutely loved this show! That’s just my opinion though – what do YOU think? Leave your comments below!