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What a Start! Review of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Part One

They didn’t hold back…

No matter what you may have expected in the first part of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, this show went the extra mile. Those of you who read the comic version of this story from 1985-1986 understand the scope of this peril. Even so, the events of the first 60 minutes of this crossover set a record for destruction and key casualties. We’ve been building to this since the first episode of THE FLASH. This is THE big event. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


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Kid Flash Officially Joins Legends of Tomorrow

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Keiynan Lonsdale is joining Legends of Tomorrow as a series regular, beginning with the second half of this season. Kid Flash Wally West will join the team now that he’s left Central City. (via ComicBook.com)

Showrunners on The Flash have talked about the difficulty of writing two speedsters on a show, so with any luck this will give Wally more opportunities to shine.

Legends of Tomorrow returns February 12. It will share the Monday 8pm time slot with Supergirl, so that instead of breaking for reruns in the middle of the season, they’ll each break for the other show.

Crisis On Earth-X Conclusion – Review

THIS is how you should do a crossover. CRISIS ON EARTH-X checks off all the boxes – spectacular action, high-impact emotional content, opportunities for each character to shine, and significant implications for future storylines all around. Best of all, no one talked about having a mother named Martha (sorry, just had to add that)! We will have minimal spoilers here, because you really should see this – if you haven’t you are truly missing out on the best effort from DCTV yet! Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!

Some Spoilers Ahead!

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Crisis On Earth-X Night One – Review

The first night of “Crisis on Earth-X” is out…and it has everything, or rather everyone from all for CW DCTV shows. This is easily the most ambitious crossover the Arrowverse has attempted so far, with evil Nazi doppelgangers of our favorites coming to our Earth to fight our favorites. So, how did the first night go? We’ll give only limited spoilers, in order to encourage you to watch this impressive effort….but we will give you a quick summary and some top notes, so follow us after the jump!

Some Spoilers Ahead!

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