“The Elongated Knight Rises” Stills, With Some Surprises

The CW has released some official still images from next week’s episode of The Flash, which gives us some tantalizing glimpses of things we didn’t see in yesterday’s trailer. At left, there’s a much-needed costume upgrade for the Elongated Man; it may not look like the comics version of Ralph’s outfit, but it’s a lot better than what he’s had in the show thus far.

And that isn’t all. The images show that Zoey Clark, also known as Prank, will debut on the series as an associate of the second Trickster. Those who watched the 1990s Flash series will remember her as one of the first Trickster’s sidekicks, played by Corrine Bohrer. It’s not known what her relationship will be to Axel, but perhaps she’s attached to him because he’s purportedly the son of James Jesse (some fans have been theorizing that she’s Axel’s mother ever since he first appeared, which may have some merit).

So there should be a lot of interesting things next week!


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One thought on ““The Elongated Knight Rises” Stills, With Some Surprises

  1. Golddragon71

    CONFIRMED!!!! Prank is the mother!
    Flash’s Facebook just posted their weekly look at the night’s episode and they state officially that Prank is Trickster II’s mom (it’ll be interesting to see if they mention what Trickster Sr is doing while all this is going on.


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