“The Greatest Trick of All” Review of THE FLASH #67

How do you make The Trickster, the OG Trickster from the Silver Age, into someone truly formidable and frightening? Take one part James Jesse and add one part Joshua Williamson, that’s how! As we segue from the Force Quest into a new arc, we find the Trickster’s impact on Central City…and it could well be the worst thing that Barry could ever imagine! But, don’t let that get you down, be happy! Be happy, okay? Just. Be. Happy. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


Barry has returned to Central City after his “vacation”. At least, that’s his cover story while he went on his Force Quest. What does Barry Allen find? A city that is happy. I man really, really happy. No crime, no conflict, even Warden Wolfe is…happy. What is going on here?

At Iron Heights, Kristen shows Barry an empty lockup – no crime in weeks. And, Kristen has a new boyfriend, one that Barry seems to think he’s seen before. His name? James Jesse! As he heads home, Barry finds that Commander Cold is nowhere to be found..and that he’s been gone for weeks. (NOTE: We know what has happened to Cold, of course). That sends Barry to Detective Burns…and that’s when things getĀ really weird.

That’s when Barry learns that there is some reason for everyone being “Happy”. If you aren’t happy…”he’ll hurt you”. Just who? That’s when we find Trickster with a tied-up Commander Cold, demanding to know more about the future. We don’t get much farther than that for now, however. What we DO get is a scene out of a very creepy horror movie for Barry, one that leads to…next issue, of course!


  • This is a great jumping on point for anyone who hasn’t read THE FLASH lately. In the early pages, Barry’s recent history is quickly summed up, making this issue a great one to start with (or to come back on board with).
  • Barry is…slowing down? Apparently, just a bit, though I’m sure we’ll see that play out more and more over the next few issues.
  • I’ve never seen the Trickster be more frightening or formidable than now. Anyone who doesn’t see him as a top-notch Rogue needs to read this issue. He’s gone off the deep end, and he’s taking everyone in Central City along with him!
  • The sequence in which Barry puts on the uni is handled in an interesting way. I’ve seen the costume come out of the ring, seen it be fabric and armor, but I haven’t often seen justĀ how he puts on the suit while running. That was a neat panel by Scott Kolins (with colors by Luis Guerrero).
  • In the first splash page where Flash is fighting in a cemetery, be sure to read the tomb stones. A well-regarded creator may be among the “dead”.


This is an interesting (if intentionally creepy) start to a new arc of THE FLASH. It’s a great jumping on point, and it refreshes a classic Rogue. I’ll give this one an 8/10, and I would not be surprised if that score moves up as this arc moves forward. Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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