“Going Rogue” Review of S5 E20 of THE FLASH

After last week’s events, Nora has taken all the wrong advice. Or, has she? We see a different side of XS in this episode, as she gathers some new partners to follow Thawne’s plan. And, we see Barry and Iris trying to figure out how to make things right with their daughter. There is a lot going on here, in an episode that resolves some threads and pushes the overall plot forward. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


NOTE: This review is posting prior to THE FLASH hitting the airwaves in the Pacific Time Zone USA. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, STOP HERE and come back after watching the show. You’ll be glad you did!

Nora has mastered the Negative Speed Force, and has returned to present day. But, she hasn’t sought out her family. She doesn’t believe they will give her a chance, so she recruits some new partners…to be known later as The Young Rogues.

Nora has good reason to look for new partners. Barry continues to be angry about Nora’s connection to Thawne. Iris can’t seem to talk him down from it…though a talk with Joe does finally seem to get through to him. Still, that doesn’t resolve until near the end of the episode.

Nora invites Weather Witch, the Bug-Eyed Bandit, and Ragdoll to join her in a major score at McCulloch Industries…but first they need to steal from The Flash! They actually go into the Starchives and steal Spencer Young’s phone – the one that can bend reality to whatever is texted. Not only that, but they kidnap Cisco and Sherloque!

Nora threatens Cisco with that same vibrating hand and red glowing eyes that Thawne used waaaay back in Season 1…to get him to hack that phone.  Using that phone, Nora and her new partners get into a weapons show at McCulloch Industries…and let’s digress a moment.

McCulloch Industries had a contract to clean up the debris from that infamous satellite. So, they kept all that debris and used it to create meta-tech weapons. That’s the score…and the big battle.

During the heist, Nora’s partners turn on her. But, Team Flash comes through just in time. In the battle, Barry and Nora both enter Flashtime…and it gives them a chance to resolve their differences. And yes, I’m skipping through a LOT of dialogue here…just go back and watch the show for that.

Afterward, we find that Thawne’s plan – the one Nora is following – was NOT to kill Cicada. Instead, it was to grab a specific weapon at McCulloch Industries. That weapon is the only thing that can destroy Cicada’s dagger.  Nora is ready to drop the plan if it still bothers her dad…but, Barry is finally ready to go along with the plan. He may not trust Thawne, but he does trust Nora.

That takes us to a different thread, one that pushes the overall plot further forward. Cicada has stolen the early, failed attempts at a metahuman cure. These failed versions would kill any meta – and she plans to use the atomizer that she stole last episode to spread that “cure” city-wide, killing all metas in Central City! As the episode ends we see her loading the atomizer, with either a vision/ghost/actual presence of her uncle!


  • FINALLY we get a resolution for Barry’s lack of trust with Nora. It also (hopefully) ends Barry’s overly rash decision making that has been such a hallmark of the season. The wrap up of this thread was a bit too easily done (just one act of selflessness on Barry’s part), but at the same time I’m glad we are past it.
  • And, finally we get a way to deal with that dagger. Of course, we have bigger issues now with that atomizer. But, at least we see a glimmer of hope in dealing with that McGuffin.
  • Kudos to the special effects crew and to Troy James (Ragdoll) for a chillingly effective portrayal of the character.
  • “The Book of Ralph” had some interesting twists this episode…and I’m almost ready to see that book hit print as a collector’s item.
  • And, just a note that the show started at “G. Simone & Associates” – a nod to Gail Simone’s re-imagining of Ragdoll in SECRET SIX.
  • Just two episodes left…and it looks like we are hitting the gas pedal for the last episodes of the season. Things should get VERY interesting over these next episodes. I’m looking forward to that.


While I haven’t been a fan of the Barry-doesn’t-trust-Nora storyline, the resolution was still a bit too neat and tidy. Still, I’m happy to see us get past that and to see us make some big steps toward the end game for the season. Sherloque proved very useful in several places this episode…including a hilarious turn as The Flash’s hologram. Overall, I’ll give this one an 7/10 – not bad, but not the best episode of the season, either. Of course, that’s just my opinion – what do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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  1. Mason Jones

    I noticed Cisco calls the gun “the mirror gun” could this be the start iof a new mirror master???


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