New Johns & Kolins story in Flash #750

Scott Kolins has announced on Twitter that he and Geoff Johns will be doing a new Captain Cold story in the upcoming Flash #750 milestone issue, and posted a sneak peek at a page. The story will be called “Beer Run”, and seems to be approximately set during their run on the Flash book.

Flash #750 is due out on February 26th. Definitely something to look forward to!


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2 thoughts on “New Johns & Kolins story in Flash #750

  1. Jason

    Apparently, he’s picked up that bad habit from his oh-so-beloved father.

    And Cold says he’s nothing like that gutter trash. Humph.

    1. Lia Post author

      It’s sad but not uncommon for children to perpetuate the mistakes of their parents, particularly in dysfunctional households where the kids haven’t learned from positive examples. I think Cold’s alcoholism should be pointed out, especially because he’s violently judgmental of others’ mistakes, but it’s worth noting that it stems from a childhood of abuse and poverty. The truth is that a lot of the Rogues have become like their crappy parents, whether they realize it or not.


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