“Heart of the Matter” Part 1 – S7 E17 of THE FLASH

Season 7 is nearly done – but not before we have an epic 2-parter for the finale. The gang’s all here…including not one, but TWO of Barry and Iris’ kids! There’s more, of course, as the battle with Godspeed hits its high point. I really can’t say more on this side of the jump without spoiling things. Let’s just say there’s MORE than enough super-speed action to satisfy any Flash fan in this episode. Wanna know more? Then follow us after the jump!


NOTE: This review is posting before THE FLASH airs in the Pacific Time Zone USA. If you haven’t see the show yet, STOP HERE and come back after watching the episode. You’ll be glad you did!

Okay, let’s square away a few key players here:

  • This Nora is not the same “Nora” as before, although she has been told a lot about her alternate self. Most importantly, this version of XS hasn’t learned how to rewind time – at least not yet.
  • XS and Bart (not yet called “Impulse” here yet) are NOT twins. The idea of them being the Tornado Twins hasn’t played out here. Nora is 26 and Bart is 19…and he IS most impulsive.
  • Jay Garrick – the good Jay Garrick – is alive and well…for now. He’s regained his speed and is ready to help Barry. But, the Godspeed clones have something to say about that. (NOTE: in an earlier version of this article I incorrectly placed Jay and Joan on their original Earth. After CRISIS they are already on Earth Prime. Thanks to Rob for the correction – see comments below). 
  • Cisco is back! Mecha-Vibe arrives just in time to save the day (or at least the moment). But, even his latest devices won’t win the whole war, at least not yet.
  • Frost is of course back on Team Flash – and she is also a timely help during the episode.
  • Allegra is back to Team Flash, dealing with the loss of her cousin. It’s affecting her powers. Negative feelings keep her from using the spectrum of her powers that would help the team, and it’s unknown if she can deal with her loss in time to help the team win the war.
  • Iris is back from the Still Force – at least for now. Deon has stabilized her but hasn’t truly cured her yet. But, she is able to meet her kids and provide some advice.
  • There’s more of course – but let’s get to the episode

The Godspeed battle is personal, especially for Bart. Godspeed is to Bart what Thawne is to Barry – an arch-nemesis. In Bart and Nora’s 2049 timeline, Godspeed killed Jay Garrick right in front of Bart. What we don’t know is why Godspeed considers Bart to be their main “adversary”. We may learn that next week. 

The Godspeeds are getting more and more powerful, and their attacks are becoming more frequent. They were fighting each other until Bart arrived, and then EVERY Godspeed clone went after him. The clones attacked Jay before he could leave home, using him as bait to attack Bart. As the episode ends, Bart is in a coma, saved only because of the timely arrival of Cisco.

Barry has a solution – stop August Heart from becoming Godspeed and none of the bad things for Bart or Jay or Nora will ever happen. How to do that? Get inside August Heart’s mind to see what’s going on. Barry uses Jay’s device to do that, guided by Cecile’s powers. The problem is, Godspeed was waiting for him in side that mindscape. We leave the episode with Godspeed feeling triumphant, ready to do something terrible to Barry and to Central City. 

There are a couple of subplots here. One is Allegra’s loss and how she is trying to deal with it. She is carrying tremendous guilt over the death of her cousin, and it is overwhelming her right now. The other is whether Kramer will ever reveal what Adam meant when he said that he saw her die. Joe is trying to get to the bottom of that, but no resolution tonight as we find Godspeed clones literally fighting it out on the hood of the car containing Joe and Kramer.

What comes next week? The finale, of course – and hopefully the resolution of the Godspeed war. This has been building up for a very long time, over multiple seasons, and I’m anxious to see what happens next week.


  • Bart may not be Barry and Iris’ grandson, but the personality is as close to the comics as you could expect from the Arrowverse version of the character. Jordan Fisher does a very credible job as Impulse, especially in the scenes where he speaks of what happened in his timeline to Jay Garrick.
  • It was great to see Cisco Ramon back! As they say in another comic book universe, “Nuff said”.
  • It was exceptionally good to see John Wesley Shipp back as Jay Garrick! I’m old enough to remember his Flash TV show, and I’m always glad to see him in this version of the show.
  • This episode had more action scenes than any other episode this season. Those who have been waiting for less “save the villain” and more “fight the baddies” should be more than happy here. The fight scenes were well done, and it was great seeing all the speed lightning going around in this show.


This is a solid first part to the finale, with a great new character in Bart, and wonderful returning characters in XS, Cisco, and Jay. The action was great, and the cliffhanger was just what we needed. It wasn’t overdone, but still showed enough danger to have fans wondering just how our heroes will be able to save the day. Godspeed has been shown to be a most formidable foe and I’m in for the ride here. I’ll give this a 9/10. Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


2 thoughts on ““Heart of the Matter” Part 1 – S7 E17 of THE FLASH

  1. Rob

    I don’t think Jay and Joan are on a different Earth, I think they already live on Earth Prime. Here are my reasons why:
    1. When we jump to Keystone City the title simply says the city and not what Earth. If it was a different Earth it would say.
    2. Last season after Crisis they think the multiverse doesn’t exist. If Jay showed up from another Earth they would definitely question it.
    3. No speedster can currently travel between Earths.
    4. Last year on other Arrowverse shows they dealt with the fallout of Crisis and how doppelgangers landed on Earth Prime but only one can exist on the Earth. Since Henry and Nora are already dead it can be assumed that Jay and Joan landed on Earth Prime after Crisis and since their doppelgangers are already dead, they were able to exist just fine on this Earth.
    5. They mention Jay got his speed back after they had the speed force storm earlier this season. He would have to be on Earth Prime already for it to effect him.

    1. Ed Garrett Post author

      I stand corrected, and I’ve updated the post. You are spot on – thanks for pointing this out!


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