“Heart of the Matter” Part 2 – SEASON FINALE – Review of S7 E18 of THE FLASH

Godspeed has the upper hand. Wally is in what appears to be a coma. Barry is inside Godspeed’s mind and it doesn’t appear to be a welcoming place. Things are looking bleak all around. However, this is the season finale so a resolution is on it’s way. Just how can they defeat Godspeed? Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


NOTE: This review is posting before THE FLASH airs in the Pacific Time Zone USA. If you haven’t see the episode yet, STOP HERE and come back after watching the show. You’ll be glad you did!

If you wanted more action this season, it is ALL packed into this episode! We get the true origin of Godspeed, the major fights (and yes that is plural), and the appearances of just about everyone you would have wanted to see. Without going into too much detail…

  • Godspeed’s plan all along was to gain organic speed. In the Arrowverse August Heart was a physicist (unlike the comics in which he was a police officer). He was able to get artificial speed, but it wasn’t enough. So, the plan here is to force Barry to give him that organic speed.
  • There are several major battles, most with Barry, Jay, Nora/XS, a recovered Bart, and even the Speed Force/Nora herself! In fact, at one point she even gives a speed boost to Iris, who joins the fight.
  • Allegra is finally convinced to rejoin the fight by Chester, and she does contribute her powers to recharge that device we saw last episode. It was a temporary help, but…
  • Nothing is working. Even their combined speeds are not enough. In the end, Barry and Iris have a plan…that begins with giving August Heart exactly what he wants!
  • Of course, giving August that speed seems like a VERY bad idea at first. The fight is on, and it looks bad. Barry is fighting on his own at first, and losing badly. But, there was a plan…
  • Speed Force/Nora uses Iris as an anchor while contacting the negative Speed Force. Into the fray comes…Eobard Thawne!
  • There is a Star Wars-like fight segment with swords made out of lightning. It goes on for a while, until Thawne surprises Godspeed with a near-fatal blow. Godspeed is going to end up in Iron Heights. But for now…
  • Thawne has been waiting for this moment. He sends a punch at full speed – but he underestimates Barry’s current abilities. Barry goes into Flashtime, then throws Thawne over. Thawne is incredulous – and he runs away for now (likely to be seen next season)

Barry and Iris renew their vows, this time in the presence of their kids, along with the whole cast. As they renew their vows and kiss, Barry takes himself and Iris into Flashtime, to make the moment last “forever”. And with that, the season ends.


  • Jordan Fisher (Bart) sings for Barry and Iris as they renew their vows. Fisher is a triple threat (actor/dancer/singer) and of course the song is beautifully sung.
  • Kramer finds out that she is also a meta! Her power allows her to mimic the meta-abilities of any nearby meta. That’s how she survived the bomb when her crew died (she mimicked Adam’s abilities). In this episode, she mimics the super-speed of the Godspeed clones to save Joe. She goes off into the sunset with a new attitude about metas in general.
  • Just a question…the temporarily super-speed Iris is wearing that jacket. You know, the one that XS will eventually used for herself in the future. So…are Iris and Nora actually wearing the same jacket? (And yes I realize that it was the earlier version of XS who is no longer around who wore Iris’ jacket, but it’s still an interesting question to me).


There was a LOT packed into this episode. It’s almost as if they were trying to make up for any missing fight scenes earlier in the season in this one episode. But, as a season finale it makes sense. It was GREAT to see Jay Garrick, and I’m enjoying Impulse more in this episode than before. And, getting Thawne back, even for a moment, was a great move. I’ll give this finale a 9/10. Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


One thought on ““Heart of the Matter” Part 2 – SEASON FINALE – Review of S7 E18 of THE FLASH

  1. Golddragon71

    I just finished watching! A great episode all around
    I believe it is the same jacket. When Nora came back the first time, Iris said the jacket was a one off custom design. It would have been cool to see Iris take a hit (Not a fatal one!) So that her jacket would have been damaged slightly and then to see a sign of that damage on Noras jacket.

    Thaw me coming back was spoiled by on the set photos a few weeks ago but it was great seeing him back! Although the reports of Tom Cavanaugh leaving the series make me wonder how Thawne will return next seaso. And in what form.

    There was a morbid part of me that half-expected Revedse Flash to do a high speed hit and run on Iris in the closing minutes after the vow renewal ceremony. In the comics, Barry resets Thawne to being a Flash fanboy in his own time with no memory that he was the Reverse Flash.


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