“Reckless” Review of S8E10 of THE FLASH

Iris’s time sickness is getting worse, and even Deon (Still Force) hasn’t been able to make it go away. Back in Central City, that cold fusion flame is continuing it’s dangerous run. And, any attempts to make things better in either town could well be called…”Reckless”. There is a key turning point for the season in this episode – wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


There are critical things happening in both Coast City and Central City. Iris and Sue are trying to help Tinya Wazzo find her mom. They find some success, but that success is short lived as tragedy strikes. More on that in a moment. But first –

In Central City, Team Flash may have an idea about how to catch and contain this cold fusion flame. Frost went to Carla Tannhauser (Caitlin and Frost’s mother) to ask for help. They agree to use Frost as bait to bring the flame to S.T.A.R. Labs. There, they will use the sphere that we last saw used with the artificial Speed Force (but recalibrated) to trap the flame.

Barry is not happy with the idea. He knows it’s reckless (see what I did there?) but is eventually convinced to try. It doesn’t work out at first. Caitlin arrives on the scene and is angry with both Frost and Carla – something that will have an impact on their relationships moving forward.

But for now…


Turns out that Carla has the meta gene and may also be developing cryo-kinetic powers. Carla and Frost together nearly have the flame trapped, but Carla is going into cardiac arrest and Frost aborts the attempt to save her mother.

It’s afterward that the cold fusion flame finally sees Caitlin in her apartment.  And, it’s talking…using the same words that Caitlin heard so long ago from Ronnie Raymond! Yes, this looks like some version of Ronnie (who hasn’t been seen in a very long time) will be a part of Season 8, at least for now.  Is he a bad guy now? Is he mind-controlled? Is this an alternate Earth version? Add your guesses below.

And to wrap up, let’s go back to Coast City. Using the influence of Sue Dearbon’s Uncle, they get the adoption agency to give Sue, Iris and Tinya the location of her mom. Turns out, Tinya’s mom never wanted to give her up. She was just 16 and was convinced by her parents to give her away. But, she regretted that ever since. They are having a wonderful reunion when…

Iris has a time sickness attack! This isn’t so much a “virus”, but what’s happening are time fractures all around her. Tinya’s mom goes to check on Iris.

And then, Tinya’s mom dissolves before their eyes, a victim of the latest time fracture. What happens next? We’ll have to wait for the next episode to pick this thread back up. But for now, we go to…


  • This episode represents a sort of rehabilitation for Carla Tannhauser. We not only get her back as a new meta, but more importantly we get her finally showing a warm heart toward her daughters. The relationships are healing, and it’s nice to see this character development for Carla.
  • Tinya’s story is getting better as we go along. I don’t know if her mother will be restored as Iris’ time sickness is (hopefully) resolved. Still, it’s great to see this character in the Arrowverse.
  • Ronnie Raymond! As someone from another publisher once told us, ‘Nuff said!


This was one of the better episodes in a great season 8 for THE FLASH. I’ll give this a 9/10. Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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