“The Search for Barry Allen, Part 2” Review of THE FLASH 784

Our favorite speedsters have gone in different directions, looking for the version of Barry Allen that Pariah has captured and hidden away. We’ll see a lot of different adventures, but we mainly follow Wally and Wallace as they find Barry – right? But, what’s with this strange world Barry is living in, and what effect will it have on Wally and Wallace? Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


Here’s what we know about the other speedster teams:

  • Max and Jesse have ended up in an almost Mad Max wasteland world, where this Barry Allen is fighting a horrific character named Terramongus. We quickly cut, though, to…
  • Irey and Jai have found a dark and scary world protected (?) by a Bat-like character named Night Flash. Nope, not Red Death – but still a lot more trouble than our young heroes need to deal with right now.
  • Wally and Wallace have found the right Barry on this Silver-Age inspired world. But, that world keeps changing and adapting to keep Barry right where he is. And that’s where we hit the main story.

To Barry, Wally appears to be the Reverse Flash. His perception is being altered to believe that Wally is none other than Eobard Thawne, and that he MUST be stopped at all cost. That’s what led to that panel that started last issue.

Meanwhile Wallace visits the West house, and strange things begin happening to him. First, Wallace suddenly is back in his original, Brett Booth-designed uniform (I actually liked that one a lot, so it was cool to see it again). Problem is, now this world is drawing Wallace in – and he’s buying every bit of it.

So now – everyone is in danger on their respective worlds. Wally is beaten to a pulp by Barry, and Wallace is being captured by the same scenario that has Barry enthralled. Things are definitely NOT looking up for Team Flash. But, of course, there’s always next issue.


  • I’m still loving the transitions in art style between the worlds. I’m especially loving the Silver Age printing style that captures the world where Barry is stuck. Art is always a significant part of the narrative, but this takes things up a notch or two. This hits both Amancay Nahuelpan for line work, but also Jeromy Cox for colors and Rob Leigh on letters. Great job all!
  • Jeremy Adams – I’ve run out of superlatives for this writer. It is an absolutely joy to read his stories. What more can I say?
  • The Kindle reader is the only negative. I’m looking at YOU, Amazon! Your Kindle comics reader is awful.  A great digital platform has been truly messed up here, and that’s sad.


Let’s give this another 10/10 – of course that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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