“A Ten-Second Week” Review of THE FLASH 791

The One-Minute War is on, and we’ve already seen multiple casualties. That includes the possible demise of [REDACTED], which would devastate the Flash Family. Still, there is no time for grief. The Fraction has come to Earth, and the only people still able to move are our favorite speedsters. Will they be able to save the day? Can they even hope to battle this force? Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


Last issue caught us up with where the Flash Family members were, in their separate places and searches. This issue brings the family together, with a threat so epic it would be a CRISIS event if it included any more heroes. There are some minor battles going on, but it is clear that the real battle is still ahead. Instead, we get an idea of just how devastating the Fraction can be.

The Fraction are able to tap into the Speed Force artificially. They use the Speed Force to let them attack planets so swiftly that there is no hope of fighting back, at least on most planets. Their goal is twofold; to raid the planet of as many minerals and other natural resources as possible, and to capture metas to take to their empress. Even better, they want to capture any “organic conduits” of the Speed Force – and of course that means all of our favorite speedsters.

The Fraction hasn’t captured any speedsters yet, thought that isn’t for lack of trying. What they have accomplished is mass destruction and mass casualties. That, plus the possible death of a major character, has left the team in shock. So….here’s where we are:

  • The Fraction is laying waste to the Earth, and the Flash Family hasn’t been able to stop them yet
  • There are minor victories for the good guys, but that’s it for now.
  • The team has yet to realize the full scope of the threat, much less formulate a plan to defeat this force.
  • And all that may pale to the threat that is seen on the cover but shows up in the story at the end…and it will take you back to a truly dark place.

The one bright side is for us as readers – we’re watching speedsters in action that haven’t gotten a lot of page count for a very long time. And, this story is epic in just about every sense of the word. Jeremy Adams is giving us a CRISIS IN (ALMOST) INFINITE SECONDS and I am enjoying every panel of every page.


This arc is beating even the high expectations I had coming in. I’m geeking out with Jay, Max, and Jesse showing up (along with all the other greats). And, this story is truly worthy of all the speedsters being together, in a threat they only they have a chance to defeat. This is another 9/10 for me. Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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