“Wednesday Ever After” Review of S9E1 of THE FLASH

We are beginning the last season of THE FLASH – and writing that gives me all sorts of emotions. I’m a life-long fan of The Flash, loved the 1990’s show with John Wesley Shipp…but THIS is the best live action Flash I’ve ever seen. What surprises do the showrunners have for us? How will the season end? Is it far too early to talk about that (probably)? But, this episode S9E1 at least gets us off the ground and running (pun intended). Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


The title of the episode is “Wednesday Ever After”, and it lives out that name in literal terms. Barry and Iris are caught in a time loop, playing February 1st over and over and over again. Here are some of the things we learn while they are stuck in that time loop, along with some questions to be answered in the episode:

  • Cat Grant has offered to buy out CCC Media. Will Iris accept?
  • Barry may be up for a promotion to Director of the CSI Division. Will Kramer recommend him, knowing his work-life balance as the Flash?
  • Cecile is more powerful than ever, but will she be able to master her telekinetic abilities?
  • Why is Joe not so happy with how things are going?
  • Barry has put together a “map book” of the rest of his and Iris’ lives. What will Iris say when the future is already set?

The thing that sets all this off is a run-in with Owen Mercer, Captain Boomerang. He’s stealing a high tech power source off a Kord Industries truck. In the battle, Barry is exposed to some tachyon feedback loop – it affects Iris as well. That causes the West-Allen couple to relive the same day over and over…eventually 58 times!

As for the questions above – go check out the episode if you haven’t already seen it. It’s a good show. But, all that takes us to two big deals at the end.

  • We see what’s become of Caitlin in her attempts to become Frost. She is alive…but neither Caitlin nor Frost anymore. What/who she is – we’ll have to wait to find out.
  • We get the big bad of at least the early part of the season. Mercer has been getting help from this big bad…and it’s none other than Red Death!


  • This episode is a good setup for the season – and that’s important for fans who have fallen away from the show but are returning for the last season. You’ll quickly catch up with who’s who and what’s been going on…but you won’t get a lot of the overall storyline just yet.
  • Barry starts off the episode a little full of himself – especially since he has this mapbook that tells EVERYTHING that’s going to happen. He started the book after a series of nightmares where everyone he loves dies. It’s only later in the episode that he realizes that book isn’t the answer.
  • Captain Boomerang isn’t the only familiar baddie in the episode. It starts with a classic Wally foe, Tar Pit!
  • I loved…LOVED the reveal of Red Death. The red lightning flowing out like a cap to form the bat-like Red Death logo from the Dark Multiverse was a great cap to the episode.


It’s bittersweet to start the last season of a show I love so much. But, it gives us a lot of promise for the season, and I can only hope to see some amazing work as we prepare to say so long for now to Team Flash. As for this episode, I’ll give it an 8/10. Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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