“Mask of the Red Death, Part Two” Review of S9E5 of THE FLASH

The first “graphic novel” of Season 9 of THE FLASH comes to a end right here, right now, and SO much is happening that it’s dizzying to keep up. When we left things last episode everything looked terrible, so how in the world can they make things right? Don’t worry, there’s a LOT that has to happen before things turn around, in an action-packed, high-stakes conclusion to the Red Death arc. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


There is so much that happens in this single episode that a scene-by-scene breakdown would take far too long to write. So, let’s give you some highlights…and if you want more, it is more than worth it to go back and see the episode again:

  • The Red Death has been using Gorilla Grodd to amplify her own powers, and once she connects everything up to satellite coverage, she creates duplicates of herself (“sentinels”) all over the world to enforce her twisted vision of “justice”.
  • She lures Team Flash to rescue a near-death Mark/Chillblaine, then robs Flash of his remaining speed. No one can stop her now…right?
  • Flash teleports to meet Grodd, risking everything since Barry does not have any speed left. Thankfully, he turns Grodd around…and Grodd returns a 3 year-old favor by returning a spark of Speed Force lightning to the Flash.
  • Barry returns to Central City and the battle is on! But, Red Death still gains the advantage and is about to deliver a final blow when…
  • Ryan arrives to save the day! Wait…isn’t Ryan Red Death? Yes, the Ryan from another timeline is Red Death. But OUR timeline Ryan has returned as Batwoman!
  • Batwoman uses her own tech to nullify Red Death’s speed, and in the battle that follows Batwoman and Flash win the day.
  • Red Death is in the hands of A.R.G.U.S. and our Batwoman returns to Gotham…but not before inviting Iris to the monthly brunch she has with Kara, Alex, and Nia (the latter of whom is set to appear later in Season 9).
  • In the aftermath, Mark is healed by Khione (turns out she does have powers), and Mark is returned into the good graces of Team Flash.
  • Joe and Cecile agree for Joe and their child Jenna to move to the country (this allows Jesse L. Martin to start his own show that will appear on NBC next season). Cecile will visit on weekends but will stay with Team Flash during the week.
  • Chester and Allegra…FINALLY!!!!
  • And Iris is pregnant – 3 months ahead of the “schedule” Barry had in his book from episode 1. Change is on the way…and so is Nora!

That’s a LOT – and I haven’t even given half of what happened in this episode. Basically they threw everything except the kitchen sink at this one.


  • This was an excellent end to the arc. It’s hard to bring a significant arc home – just look at so many comics and even TV series that somehow miss the landing. This episode makes it work, ending on several high notes.
  • Whatever happens with Chester and Allegra from here on, we are FINALLY past the will they/won’t they stage. I’m truly glad to be past the awkwardness – congrats to two characters who have finally faced their feelings.
  • Let’s address some of the online comments I’ve read about Javicia Leslie’s acting as Red Death. She was given a near-impossible task. Take a heroic character and somehow flip everything about the character. Take a hero and make them a homicidal, unhinged super-villain. I don’t think that’s an easy take, and I actually think she did a decent job as Red Death. Still, it was good to let us see her in her original version of the role.


This was a high-stakes, action-packed, emotionally charged conclusion to the first arc of Season 9, and they stuck that landing as far as this reviewer is concerned. I’ll give it a 9/10 – of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


One thought on ““Mask of the Red Death, Part Two” Review of S9E5 of THE FLASH

  1. August Stroshine

    Love the Flash, it is better than I have ever read in the comics, {that’s 40+ years of comic book reading}. Just want to comment on one thing. When Cecile sensed something was “off” with Joe, I thought maybe he had some kind of health issue. Thankfully that is not the case and he just want’s to leave Central City and all the madness and chaos behind. The scene with Barry brought tears to my eyes, Joe was worried that he had nothing more to give to team Flash. That talk that Joe and Barry had proves that every advice Joe gave did not fall on deaf ears, for Barry had some advice to give back to Joe. After all was said and done, Joe is just a Phone call away, proving to me that Joe is the “Glue that holds team Flash together”. Will miss Jesse L. Martin.


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