“Wildest Dreams” S9E7 of THE FLASH

The Supergirl series may have come to a conclusion, but the crossovers at least continue. In this episode, we are visited by none other than Nia Nal, aka Dreamer. You won’t see a lot of lightning speed in this episode, but you will see some character development for a few members of Team Flash. And, you’ll find a lot of “Inception”-like dream worlds that have [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] trapped. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


The show begins with Nia Nal in a dream, faced with a mysterious hooded figure while looking for the source of ancient Naltorian dream energy. This figure appears to take away Nia’s powers, and in the dream Iris is seemingly killed! For the majority of this episode, we will follow Nia and Iris through a series of dream worlds, each with their own challenges to be faced. We’ll see:

  • Nia as a uniformed cop and Iris as the Captain of the Precinct. Iris wonders whether this should have been her path, but there’s more to the story they just can’t figure out.
  • Next, they are thrown into a dream-version of Jitters, with Barry and Chester also working there. Iris is the boss, thrown into dealing with an increasingly chaotic coffee shop.
  • And the challenges continue, with at one point the scenes becoming nightmarish for both Nia and Iris.

The danger here is that the strain of these dreams is taking a toll on their bodies in the real world. Fevers are rising to a danger point, and without solving their strange dreams they could both die.

Eventually, both Nia and Iris reach breakthroughs in their dreams. Iris has been worried about whether she is really going to earn that Pulitzer that lies in her future…and she learns to accept that she has been working toward this all her professional life, and that she actually will deserve the award.  As for Nia…

Nia learns to let go – to not feel like she has to have complete control of everything including her powers. With that, we learn the true nature of this mysterious hooded figure. It’s actually the first dreamer from Naltor – and she has been guiding Iris and Nia through all of this.

They wake up and all is well. Nia regains her powers and begins to learn even more from this original Dreamer. Iris accepts that she still can chart her course and that she truly has earned whatever accolades await her in the future.


  • There is a side story thread involving Mark and Khione. Mark has been trying SO hard to treat Khione like Frost, and it backfires big time here. Eventually, Mark apologizes and decides to go off on his own for a while to get his act together.
  • Khione forgives Mark…and not long after, her Ice powers finally activate. Her emotions appear to be tied to these abilities, as her sadness over Mark’s leaving seems to have frozen everything in sight.
  • This was a decent filler episode – but it is also the second filler episode in a row. While there were some good moments – and while it was great to see Dreamer back in action – I’m still looking forward to seeing more super-speed battles in future episode.


I’m glad to see someone from Supergirl still in the CW universe, so that was a definite plus. Still, this was in the end a filler episode that had greater potential. I’ll give this a 7/10 – of course that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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