A New Era – Review of THE FLASH #1

After a long break, DC has relaunched THE FLASH with a new #1, a new creative team, and a new creative direction. Following the events of KNIGHT TERRORS, our favorite speedsters are being pulled into a world of horrors. This goes beyond anything any DC speedster has faced before. What is happening to the Speed Force? What will happen to Wally and his family? What terror is about to be unleashed upon the DCU? Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


Let’s get this out of the way up front – I really liked this issue! I was more than a little worried about this new direction, particularly after I wasn’t as thrilled with KNIGHT TERRORS: THE FLASH #2 (I think I was in the minority as a lot of people liked that issue, too). I like horror comics and I love THE FLASH, but putting those two concepts together worried me…until I read this issue.

I like this approach to the Speed Force. Let’s go back just a bit…

In Mark Waid’s iconic run on THE FLASH, we were introduced to the Speed Force as the source of all their powers. The Speed Force has been viewed in different ways since (think Buccellato and Manapul’s New52 run), but for the most part it’s been “comic book physics” – in other words, it is what it is and let’s keep moving forward.

But what if that’s not the whole story? What if there is something more behind the Speed Force? Or hidden in the Speed Force? Is this really “comic book physics” or something far more mystical…and horrific? That seems to be at least part of the premise of this new creative direction.

That definitely shakes up the status quo – but in a way that doesn’t negate the qualities of our characters or their history. So here’s where we are:

  • Max and Bart try to go together to explore a different place and time…only to be booted out of the Speed Force by something terrible.
  • Linda is having a very understandable reaction to having been a speedster…and then losing those powers. That is already having an impact on her relationship with Wally, though Wally doesn’t yet realize it.
  • Wally is experiencing new sensations when accessing his speed, and they aren’t pleasant.
  • And something is coming out the Speed Force!

And that’s not all – but you really should read this issue for yourself!


  • THE FLASH has had a lot of amazing writers and artists over the years. Si Spurrier has stepped into some very big shoes…but if this issue is any indication, then our favorite speedsters are in good hands.
  • I like the artistic direction of this issue. The page layouts add to the unease of the story, and the artwork overall just rocks. Kudos to the art team – Mike Deodato, Jr. on pencils/inks; Trish Mulvihill on colors; and one of my favorite letterers in Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou.
  • I love the new logo for the book – using a silhouette of The Flash in the logo itself really works for me.


I’m still waiting to see how this new direction of cosmic horror will pan out…but this is a very good start. I’ll give this issue an 8/10 – of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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