A Trip to “The Gallery” Review of THE FLASH #4

This journey into cosmic horror is getting trippier (pardon the old-school term) by the minute. Or is even that comment correct in a place where time and space don’t seem to exist? Wally is more than lost in his thoughts. He’s lost in a strange corner of the Speed Force that had never been explored until now – and it threatens to pull Wally away from everything and everyone he loves. Meanwhile, Irey is meeting with another speedster to investigate – what dangers await our youngest super-speed hero? Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


Irey has been worried about her dad – and for good reason. While checking on Wally, she sees him disappear without a trace! He’s going back to the Gallery to contemplate his thoughts…and it seems to be calling to him to stay there forever. No worries, no thoughts, almost unable to be motivated even by family danger, this gallery doesn’t seem like a very good place to be.

While Wally deals with the gallery, Irey has continued to develop a greater sensitivity to the Speed Force, gathering more powers than any speedster before her. She “senses” where the Speed Force has been used. She turns intangible faster than anyone before. And even then, she can pickpocket another speedster while remaining mostly intangible. Irey may be destined to be the greatest Flash ever…if she lives long enough and continues to develop her powers.

In the end, Irey runs up against a powered-up Mirror Master. She survives, barely, as Wally somehow snaps out of his thoughts long enough to rush to her side. Even so, Wally’s thoughts continue to go back to this strange place where statues change from moment to moment and where speedsters go to…stay? We’ll find out more in future issues, but for now we leave the story…and this issue.


  • Irey is becoming a breakout star in this run. I really liked her scenes with Liberty Belle. Irey may have a greater power set (than any Flash before?) but it’s good to see her hanging around with another of my favorite speedsters – one who can act as a mentor to her.
  • When a writer takes on an iconic character, it’s interesting to see their answers to the big questions – Who is this character? What makes them tick? How will they change and (hopefully) grow when placed in a different set of circumstances? We are seeing a unique approach to Wally West – four issues in and even Wally can’t answer those questions…but I think that’s the point.  Si Spurrier is taking us on a very unique journey for THE FLASH, and it is by far the wildest ride any Flash has taken in a long time.
  • This run of THE FLASH deconstructs Wally AND the Speed Force itself. The secrets of the Speed Force haven’t been explored like this since the New52 and Buccellato and Manapul’s take on this strange realm. We have more questions than answers at this point – hopefully those answers lie in future issues.
  • I’m still loving the artwork. The page layouts and the differences in tone between the “real” world and the Gallery add to the tension.


I’m still wrapping my brain around the strangeness of this story…which I think is what the creative team is going for here. I’m looking forward to how this will resolve, and to how the status quo for the Flash Family will change as a result. As for this issue, I’ll give it an 8/10. That’s just my opinion -what do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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