“Memories” Review of JAY GARRICK: THE FLASH #3

This is one of those rare series where EVERYTHING is being done right! The “Dawn of DC” has brought several new characters into view, including Judy Garrick – that’s a risky thing to do, especially when retconning them into the stories of classic Golden Age characters. But here, it’s working, and I’ve already become a fan of The Boom. This issue gives us some surprises, along with excellent character development for Judy. That leaves the mysterious Doctor Elemental – who is he, what powers does he have, and what’s his beef with Judy? Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


This issue starts in 1941 with the JSA fighting Doctor Elemental. It becomes apparent that this bad guy is trying to build a super soldier…and he hasn’t been successful so far, as shown by the horrible number of bodies in this lair. As for the fight, the JSA isn’t getting very far. Doctor Elemental has complete control of the elements and knows how to use his powers to confound every member of the Justice Society. Things are looking tough until Judy Garrick appears with a surprise attack. She damages Doctor Elemental’s armor, so he plans a quick escape. Judy and Jay team up to try and stop him…but not only does Doctor Elemental escape, he gets a sample of Judy’s DNA before getting away!

Flash forward (see what I did there?) to today and the question becomes twofold. First, is there a connection between Judy’s reappearance and the renewed presence of Doctor Elemental? And, what could he want with Judy?

There is one potential path to an answer – Judy has seen Doctor Elemental’s face, though she cannot fully remember what he looks like just yet. Enter Fair Play, Michael Holt’s son, and Quiz Kid, the sidekick of the Golden Age Mister Terrific. They have built the right device to help her remember. It translates images in Judy’s brain into an image on the screen…and the face is…

Professor Hughes, the man responsible for Jay Garrick becoming the Flash! That’s where we leave this issue.


  • Judy’s presence in 1941 is the result of her traveling back in time to join her father in his younger days. No word as to whether she needed a cosmic treadmill – but it made for a neat development in the story.
  • Stargirl’s presence allows for additional character development for Judy. Courtney is acting as an older sister, helping Judy navigate the modern world…along with her relationship with her father.
  • Judy has become a great character in her own right in short order. The fact that she has done so while still giving us the best of Jay Garrick makes this even better.
  • All this is to say that Jeremy Adams’ script is amazing – and I’m enjoying every page. Let’s also give kudos to the excellent art from Diego Olortegui (pencils/inks), Luis Guerrero (colors) and Steve Wands (letters).


There is absolutely nothing wrong with this story. JAY GARRICK: THE FLASH is hitting all the right marks and giving us a wonderfully enjoyable series. I’m giving this issue a 10/10 – of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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