“Berserker Mode DLC Pack” Review of SPEED FORCE #3

The music is hypnotic…in more ways than one. And when you add an old Flash foe into the mix, it gets even more dangerous. Wallace and Avery may not fully understand what they are getting into just yet, and that makes it even more dangerous for everyone. You’ll get more cameos than you can count…and some surprising twists along with way as well. It seems nothing can stop Symponee (and the baddies behind it) from taking over the world! Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


Avery is getting things done and saving the day from the infected T-Spheres that have attacked Mister Terrific. She has more than proven her worth, in spite of those who may relegate her to a secondary speedster role. But, while she deals with the immediate danger, Wallace is off to visit Jamie Reyes, aka Blue Beetle. After a great conversation (and a haircut), Wallace goes off to find Connor Kent. The two of them take the fight to Más y Menos, but our baddies get the upper hand and take over Superboy’s mind! He is now on the side of Music Meister and Symphonee!

All of this is going on while the plans continue for a music festival that can change the world…or at least take over the minds of tens of thousands of people at one time. Will Wallace and Avery stop this threat? How many more heroes will fall away to the side of the bad guys before they can make a difference? We’ll find out more next issue. For now, though…


  • I love Avery’s inner monologue that starts this issue. It’s almost a case of breaking the fourth wall, addressing the relative lack of respect this excellent character has received. If you still feel that way after this series, I don’t know what to tell you. She is really shining in this mini-series.
  • Wallace’s hyperactive level seems to be settling in somewhere between Wally and Bart, and it does give him a voice that works here. He may have been created in the New52 as the “we won’t give you Wally” Wallace, but his character is getting his due here, and I’m glad to see it happen.
  • How many cameos can you fit into one issue? Apparently a lot – and successfully so. Some only appear briefly, while others (like Roundhouse, Connor and Jamie, not to mention Más y Menos) get more page counts. Still, the cameos are handled well, adding to the story instead of distracting from the plot.


I’ll confess to being a bit too old to match the target demographic of this series – it appears to be aimed for a younger audience, and I go by “SilverAged” for a reason. Still, I’m enjoying this mini-series more with each issue, and I’m more than thrilled to see some additional members of the Flash Family get their time in the spotlight. I’ll give this issue an 8/10 – of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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