“The Waiting Game” Review of JAY GARRICK: THE FLASH #4

THIS is how “The Dawn of DC” should be handled across the DC lineup! I’ve enjoyed every issue so far…but this issue may be the best one so far. How did Judy get her speed? For that matter, how did Jay get his speed – you may learn some new details. And just what has this bad guy got up his sleeve? Just a quick recommendation – GO BUY THIS SERIES! Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


This issue is an origin story…or should I say, origin stories? Doctor Elemental has a connection to the Flash that goes a lot farther back than we thought before. Here are the basics:

  • Professor Hughes was a tenured faculty member turned mad scientist, inspired by the appearance of Alan Scott/Green Lantern to create his own super-powered humans.
  • Hughes eventually targeted Jay Garrick, making him his protégé in the lab. When the time was right, Hughes created the accident that gave Jay Garrick his powers!
  • Yes, that “accident” with fumes from hard water we’ve read about for years has a new twist. Hughes rigged the lab to CREATE the “accident”.
  • The hard water, acting as a catalyst, mixed with other chemicals to create those fumes that were in the original origin story.  In this updated story, the mixture of all those fumes somehow triggered Jay’s metagene, giving him super-speed.
  • Unable to replicate his success, Hughes goes more and more off the deep end, eventually becoming Doctor Elemental to continue his work.
  • Hughes later recreated the accident that gave Jay his powers, triggering Judy’s metagene and granting her super-speed as well!
  • And to top off all the origin stories…Hughes was the silent partner who CREATED S.T.A.R. Labs! This gave Hughes the ability to continue his horrific research, at the cost of countless human lives.

Jay and Judy learn all of this…just in time for one of Doctor Elemental’s other “creations” to attack! We’ll have to wait for next issue to see what happens next!


  • The script for this series is so tightly woven – it’s one of the very best FLASH story arcs I’ve read (keep in mind I’m called “Silver Aged Ed for a reason).
  • I loved the way that Jay’s origin story was handled. This was a retcon that expanded on the original in a new and inventive way, without ruining the original for long-time fans.
  • One of the interesting names in Hughes’ research was “Clariss”. For newer readers, Edward Clariss eventually becomes The Rival, the “Reverse Flash” for Jay Garrick.
  • The artwork! Oh the artwork! This was a terrific issue with some of the best artwork of the series. That’s from Diego Olortegui with pencils/inks, Luis Guerrero on colors, and Steve Wands with the letters. I was blown away with this issue!


The best issue yet in one of the best story arcs for any Flash! I’ll give this one a 10/10. Of course, that still is just my opinion – what’s yours? Leave your comments below!


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