“Twisted Code” Review of SPEED FORCE #5

How does a mini-series get better with every issue? SPEED FORCE is a great example. This penultimate issue does everything a penultimate issue should do. It ramps up the intensity well past 11, it gives us some little victories without spoiling the finale. And, it gives us some mysterious clues about a character that (hopefully) gives us even more reason to grab the final issue when it hits the LCS shelves. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


We left off last issue with Wallace, Avery, and Roundhouse up against Más y Menos and Conner Kent! They manage to free Superboy…but he’s in no condition to do anything more, at least for now.  Our speedsters think having a connection to the Speed Force gives every possible advantage – but Roundhouse is able to shine in this issue in more ways than one. Teaming up with Michael Holt and Cadence, our heroes managed to find the source of all this trouble…along with all the missing scientists.

The efforts of our heroes appears to limit what the bad guys may be able to accomplish…but it doesn’t completely remove the danger. And, one of our team of baddies falls victim to…nah, not gonna say here, but it’s a neat twist.  As Wallace goes back to stop the huge (and dangerous) party, we end this issue…can’t wait for the finale!


  • There is something more to Cadence than we may think…definite clues dropping in this issue.
  • More cameos…and these are not just stunt appearances. These characters are used effectively – and they help to drive the plot forward. This is how cameo appearances in a series should be handled.
  • The plot lines are all coming together – and this issue’s script by Jarrett Williams is the strongest of the series so far. That’s saying something, as this has been an excellent mini-series. Just one question – CAN WE MAKE THIS AN ONGOING? The quality of this series is more than worth it.
  • The artwork continues to be outstanding – the action leaps off the page. Thanks to Daniele Di Nicuolo & George Kambadais (pencils/inks), Andrew Dalhouse and Pete Pantazis (colors), and Simon Bowland (pencils)


The strongest issue of the series so far – I only wish they could make this an ongoing. I’ll give this one a 10/10 – of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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