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Flash #43 DC Bombshells Variant Cover Featuring Killer Frost by Ant Lucia

Flash #43 Bombshells Killer Frost Variant

DC is launching a second round of DC Bombshells variant covers featuring retro pinup versions of its characters — and a digital-first series — this summer. The Nerdist has several covers including The Flash #43 by Ant Lucia, featuring Killer Frost.

Newsarama has a round-up of all the covers released so far. One notable difference from the first round is that while the first round was all women, some of the covers feature men this time, including Sinestro, Dick Grayson, and Aquaman (and probably more, but I haven’t looked through the whole list yet).

Update: Apparently the the Bombshells series features “retro-bombshell versions of Batwoman, Wonder Woman and Supergirl in an alternate reality where super-powered female heroes are on the front lines in WWII” as well as “Monsters, magic, mayhem, & Marguerites” (the last item being a reference to the writer and artist on the series, Marguerite Bennett and Marguerite Sauvage).

Flash #32 DC Bombshells Variant Cover

DC has revealed the last five Bombshells variant covers by Ant Lucia, featuring 1940s/50s style pin-up girl art, including the alternate cover for The Flash #32. The themed covers will appear on a number of DC’s comics in June.

Flash #32 Bombshell Variant Cover: Drive-in diner menu (with roller skates)

I’d been wondering who was going to be the focus of the Flash cover ever since it was announced, since DC had erased their prominent female speedsters back in Flashpoint/New 52 launch.