Flash #32 DC Bombshells Variant Cover

DC has revealed the last five Bombshells variant covers by Ant Lucia, featuring 1940s/50s style pin-up girl art, including the alternate cover for The Flash #32. The themed covers will appear on a number of DC’s comics in June.

Flash #32 Bombshell Variant Cover: Drive-in diner menu (with roller skates)

I’d been wondering who was going to be the focus of the Flash cover ever since it was announced, since DC had erased their prominent female speedsters back in Flashpoint/New 52 launch.


6 thoughts on “Flash #32 DC Bombshells Variant Cover

  1. Martin Gray

    Great stuff. The blonde hair says Patty and Ms Flash, but the roller skates remind me of the time Iris went undercover at the roller derby. I feel so old …

    1. Kelson Post author

      I wondered about her also, especially since she’s actually *appeared* in the New 52. Not that the Flash had many female villains (or allies for that matter) to begin with, but a lot of them dropped out of view….well, I was going to say with Flashpoint, but really, during the second half of Geoff Johns’ run on the Wally West series, when he re-focused around the classic Rogues. I’ve got to give him credit for creating Blacksmith and Peek-a-Boo, even if he didn’t follow up with either of them.

      Hmm, the original Thorn basically *was* a 1940s pinup girl in appearance. OTOH she’s not very well known today and would be easily mistaken for Poison Ivy.


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