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Some Quick Flash Action Figure Updates

Hey all. A couple of cool items are coming down the pipeline very soon.

The Fwoosh has an exclusive first look at the DC Universe Classics Toys ‘R Us Exclusive Flash Repaint. Previously released in Wave 7 as part of the “Atom Smasher” series, the new deco has Barry decked out in a red uniform with gold accents; a look I think we are more used to seeing on Wally or on the old Flash TV Show.

It’s a simple repaint but I think it makes the figure look much bolder. The gold is slick and it translates to reality so much better than the yellow. But of course it’s all a matter of preference. You can find more pictures of the repaint as well as the Hal Jordan Toys ‘R Us Exclusive via The Fwoosh, HERE.

The second Flash figure was actually discovered on eBay a week or so ago by the guys over at DCHallofJustice.com and is also a repaint. JLU Barry Allen anyone?

Like I said it’s pretty much a repaint as far as I can tell, with a Wally head popped on top. While I would have liked a Barry specific sculpt I can completely understand the reason behind not making one; it’s just way easier to throw a Wally head on there and call it a day. Plus with the line appearing to be winding down a bit (although Target will carry Justice League Unlimited Figures through at least the rest of 2010) it doesn’t make sense to be cranking out new sculpts needlessly. I personally might just paint pupils on it myself just so I have another way to differentiate who’s who besides the belt.

With this discovery I’m now even more anxiously awaiting the rumored Jay Garrick coming up later this year. If we can get a box set with the first five Teen Titans before JLU is done completely I will be a very, very happy Flash fan. I’ve been waiting for an animated Kid Flash figure since “Lightspeed” aired a few years ago and since Teen Titans didn’t give us one it’s up to JLU. That is unless the Young Justice Action figures are in scale with JLU. Which I’m taking a wild guess and saying they won’t be.

I’ll hold off on judging them any further until I see them in person but the red and gold Flash is a must buy. The JLU Barry I will have to take another look at, but I’m fairly confident it will end up in my possession sooner rather than later.

Question: Do you prefer yellow or gold as far as the accents on a Flash costume?

Thanks for reading.

Devin “The Flash” Johnson