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Baltimore Flash Hints

Coverage of Baltimore Comic-Con‘s DC Nation panel is up at Newsarama and at CBR, and they’re dropping more hints about the future of the Flash franchise.

Q: How will Barry Allen react to the modern heroes when he returns?

A: Johns: “Part of the fun of exploring Barry Allen is seeing Barry get along with all of the other DC heroes – in a modern setting, he did get along with Bruce Wayne, and Hal, and didn’t with Green Arrow.” Johns said that both Rebirth and Flash will be very science based, but will also blend in the quasi-science of the Speed Force; and will allow readers to learn a lot about Barry Allen before the lightning hit – what did he do, and why did he wear a bow tie?”

Comic Bloc poster BESTBUY points out that the phrasing was “both Rebirth and Flash” — another hint that perhaps, Geoff Johns may be continuing on the series that launches after Flash: Rebirth concludes.

According to Johns, we’ll find out who’s in the Lightning Rod in Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3. (Since that’s the only reason I’m reading the series, my main interest in the Legion of Super-Heroes being in the one version of the Legion that isn’t represented in the series — the Five-Year-Gap Legion — maybe I can skip issue #2.)

Also, while it seems that every other dead character asked about is fair game to be reanimated as a Black Lantern, Bart Allen will be spared that fate.

Intriguingly, “events playing out of Geoff Johns’ recent Legion stories in Superman and Justice Society of America will have repercussions in the contemporary DCU, especially for The Flash.”