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Baltimore Impulse Graduates to Kid Flash

Remember the eight-year-old Impulse at last year’s Baltimore Comic-Con? He’s back!

Caleb’s father sent in some photos of the now-nine-year-old dressed up not as Impulse, but this time as Kid Flash! Among the writers and artists they met were Greg LaRocque (Flash), Mike McKone (Teen Titans), and Todd Dezago & Craig Rousseau (Impulse, pictured).

Flash Hints from Baltimore & Toronto: Flashpoint in Adventure, Secret Origin – UPDATED

This weekend features two comic book conventions: the comics track at FanExpo in Toronto, and Baltimore Comic Con. DC has had a presence at both, splitting their events between Dan Didio in Toronto and Ian Sattler in Baltimore.

CBR covers FanExpo’s DC Nation without revealing any Flash news, though they did plug Francis Manapul’s role on the TV show Beast Legends.

@liabrown1 caught a few bits of info at today’s DC Universe panel:

  • Flash will intro a new character in the 2nd story arc. Afterwards will be Secret Origins. #
  • Flashpoint will greatly affect the Justice League, but otherwise DiDio refused to talk about it. #
  • On Adventure Comics: currently the Legion, then Flashpoint, then a new char will lead the book. #

Update: CBR’s FanExpo DC Universe report is now online.

Newsarama covers Baltimore’s DC Nation with a live-blog, including this exchange:

Q: Is Sterling Gates’s Kid Flash book coming out?
Gates: nope.
Sattler: “But we have something really cool in its place that we can’t talk about.”

They may be talking about the second Flash book, Flash: Speed Force, that Geoff Johns leaked/announced in San Diego. (I got the impression that they weren’t quite ready to announce it at the time.) Or they may have something else in the works.

Update: CBR’s Baltimore DC Nation report is up as well.

Update (Monday): a bit more news from DC’s Sunday Conversation (Baltimore, via CBR):

Where should fans of Wally West be directing their attention? “It’s coming,” Gates said. “Geoff Johns is world-building for Barry Allen right now.”

Yeah, and tomorrow is a rest day. As much as I’m enjoying the new series, I’m really cynical when it comes to DC’s treatment of Wally West these days.

Update (Monday): ComicsAlliance’s FanExpo DC Nation write-up includes Dan Didio explaining that “the constant reinventing of the same characters was getting confusing and factionalizing our audience,” so they decided to pick one Flash, one Atom, etc. and standardize on the “classic” version.

Never mind that in some cases, the “classic” version was dead or retired before they made this decision, and never mind the fact that they also insist that Blue Beetle Ted Kord will stay dead, and Renee Montoya will continue to be the Question. And I don’t see Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, either. So the explanation doesn’t quite add up.

Creator Catch-Up: Geoff Johns at Baltimore, Mark Waid is Incorruptible

Geoff Johns is among the first guests announcd for next year’s Baltimore Comic-Con. The show will run August 28-29, 2010. (For fun: Say that out loud and pronounce 2010 as “twenty-ten!”)

Mark Waid talks to CBR about Incorruptible, his Irredeemable spinoff that looks at the question from the opposite side: What happens when a villain decides to become a hero?

Baltimore Impulse Sighting

Last week at the Baltimore Comic-Con, this eight-year-old Impulse fan was among the attendees:

Impulse Costume Impulse Costume Kid Meets Mark Waid

Caleb’s father wrote in to say that he’s been a big fan of the Flash ever since seeing him on the Justice League cartoon, and that they’ve read all of The Flash and Impulse together. They met several writers and artists who have worked on the series, including Mark Waid (pictured), Todd Dezago, Craig Rousseau, and Pop Mhan. Caleb/Impulse also made an appearance on Todd Dezago’s Perhapablog last week in his con write-up.

Update: Caleb returns to Baltimore Comic-Con in 2010…as Kid Flash.

Flash Rings

DC has been handing out plastic Flash rings at conventions this year. Sadly, I managed to miss the relevant panel at San Diego (IIRC it was the Geoff Johns panel, and it conflicted with Robert J. Sawyer), and I never managed to hit the DC booth at the times they were giving them out either.

Johanna Draper Carlson of Comics Worth Reading was kind enough to send me an extra that she picked up at Baltimore Comic Con.

As you can see, it’s just plain yellow plastic, but it’s sculpted. Try as I might, though, no matter how many times I hit that button on the side, it didn’t open up to release a costume. 😀

Actually, I do have a Flash ring with a miniature costume somewhere in storage. DC Direct released a replica Flash ring with a stand. It’s held open slightly so that you can see the costume inside. Rather than hunting through storage, I searched online and ganked the first photo I found, from Planet Krypton.