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The Circle of Fire is Complete

The Indigo Tribe has concluded its week-long event looking back at Green Lantern: Circle of Fire with a team of guest bloggers (including myself).

Here’s the complete list:

My review covered the team-up between Adam Strange and Green Lightning, a speedster from the future who is a descendant of both the Rayner and West families, who has inherited speed and the Green Lantern ring but can only use one power each day.

Adam Strange Meets Green Lightning (Circle of Fire Review)

The Circle of Fire event at The Indigo Tribe continues, with my review of Green Lantern/Adam Strange.

Green Lightning is a speedster from the future, a descendant of both Wally West and Kyle Rayner, who has inherited both super-speed and the Green Lantern ring. The two sides of her family insist that she follow their legacy alone, so that she can use only one set of powers each day — much to Adam Strange’s annoyance as they try to protect Rann from Oblivion!

Update: The Indigo Tribe blog is no longer available, so I’ve reposted my full review below: Continue reading

Green Lantern: Circle of Fire – The Blog Event Begins

Green Lantern blog The Indigo Tribe has recruited a group of comics bloggers to review the chapters of Green Lantern: Circle of Fire, a fifth-week event from 2000 that featured established heroes teaming up with a group of all-new Green Lanterns to face the threat of Oblivion, a new villain who has some strange connection with Kyle Rayner’s past.

I’ll be reviewing Green Lantern/Adam Strange, in which the space-going hero teams up with Green Lightning, a speedster Green Lantern from the future who is a descendant of both Kyle Rayner and Wally West.

The other guest bloggers featured are Frank from The Idol-Head of Diabolu (Green Lantern/The Atom), Shag from Firestorm Fan (Green Lantern/Firestorm), and Michael from The Fortress of Baileytude (Green Lantern/Power Girl).

Read on with Green Lantern: Circle of Fire #1 at The Indigo Tribe!