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“Elseworlds” Final Trailer

The three-part DC CW crossover “Elseworlds” begins this coming Sunday, and you can see the last and longest trailer below! It gives us a good glimpse into the premise, the heroes, and the villains of the story arc.


As a bonus, check out the teaser for the crossover which aired at the end of Supergirl, Arrow, and The Flash this week. It features the Flash of Earth-90, who’s very recognizable to old school Flash fans.


The crossover airs from December 9th-11th at 8 PM each night. Be sure to check it out!

A Surprise Appearance In The CW Crossover

The annual CW DCTV crossover won’t air until December, but it’s currently being filmed and story details are slowly beginning to trickle out. This year’s theme is “Elseworlds”. As you can see from the poster, Barry Allen and Oliver Queen will be swapping superhero identities, but that isn’t the only Flash-related surprise from the story. See the photo below, though be mindful of spoilers.


As can be seen here, John Wesley Shipp is back as the `90s Flash. It isn’t known how much he’ll be appearing in the story or what exactly he’ll be doing, but it’s great to see him back in the role and the suit again.

The crossover episodes will air from December 9th to 11th this year, and will include The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl.

RIP 1990s Flash Showrunner Paul DeMeo

It’s being reported that one of the creators of the 1990s Flash TV series, Paul DeMeo, passed away a few days ago. He and his writing partner, Danny Bilson, produced and wrote for the original television series, and later they reunited to write the Bart Allen comic series The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive.

There are no details available at this point, and even DeMeo’s age seems to be unknown, but the passing of a man who co-created the original television series and ultimately influenced the current one is worth noting. May he rest in peace, and we at Speedforce offer condolences to his family and friends.

TV Flash vs TV Flash in the Xum 52

Flash TV JWS Xum

This week’s The Line it is Drawn is all about TV superheroes meeting. The entry by Xum Yukinori features a Flash (1990)/Flash (2014) mashup with the John Wesley Shipp incarnations of Barry Allen and Jay Garrick in an homage to the classic Infantino/Anderson cover for Flash #137, “Vengeance of the Immortal Villain.”

Flash 137

Head over to CSBG to see crossovers with 1970s Wonder Woman and Captain America, Batman ’66 and Gotham, and more!

Watch the 1990s Flash TV Show FREE on CW Seed

The Flash Classic

While we wait for season two of the new Flash TV series, WB has released all of the 1990 TV show to view for free on CW Seed!

The series ran for one year and starred John Wesley Shipp as Barry Allen, Amanda Pays as S.T.A.R. Labs scientist Dr. Tina McGee, and Alex D├ęsert as fellow CSI Julio Mendez. The network wasn’t too keen on the Rogues, though the show runners managed to get versions of Mirror Master, Captain Cold and the Trickster (Mark Hamill) onto the show. And yes, some of those names should sound familiar!

The whole series is up for streaming right now, so you can binge-watch the whole thing or pick and choose.

Be aware that the tone is vastly different. Aside from just being an early 1990s TV show, it’s an interesting blend of camp and “this is serious” not unlike the Tim Burton Batman movies, and Central City has a very 1930s Art Deco look despite being set in what was then the present day.

It’s been a while since I watched it, but I’d recommend “Watching the Detectives,” the two “Trickster” episodes, “Ghost in the Machine” and “Deadly Nightshade.” Crimson Lightning reviewed the whole series when it came out on DVD, and you can check out their choices for best — and worst — episodes as well.