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Speed Reading: Zoom Obsession, Pilot Screening Rumor

Speed Reading: Flash for the Uninitiated, Central City Song, and More

A few quick Flash and other-speedster links from this week.

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  • Don’t fear the silly – Robot 6 suggests that comics should embrace some of the inherent silliness. After all, without 75 years’ worth of stories to give them weight, the idea of a man who dresses up as a giant bat and calls himself “Bat Man” is pretty silly.
  • Ask Chris considers the mass media influence on comics canon. You know, elements like Harley Quinn and Rene Montoya, or the Daily Planet, or Kryptonite.
  • It’s weird how often these Peter David articles from more than a decade ago turn out to still be relevant. For example, this one about redefining comics for adults, or changes to movie/TV versions of characters.

Speed Listening: Catching Up With Flash Podcasts

The plugin I’ve been using to track links during the week for link round-ups has stopped working again. So here’s a manual catch-up on some Flash-themed podcasts over the last few weeks:

The Flash Podcast

Wally West
DC Cinematic Universe Part 2
CW Picks Up the Flash
Captain Boomerang

Flash TV Talk

Young Justice Retrospective Part 5
Interview with Chad Rook

Flashback Podcast

The Flash #29
Rogues Rebellion #6

Speed Listening: Catching Up on Flash Podcasts

The Flash Podcast has had several episodes since our last link round-up:

Flash TV Talk has been doing a four-part Wally West/Young Justice retrospective.

WHO’S WHO: The Definitive Podcast of the DC Universe is up to Volume XIX, featuring Reverse Flash and Quicksilver (no, not that one!) – Firestorm Fan/Aquaman Shrine

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