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Quick Thoughts: Wednesday Comics #2

6:18:35 PM: Batman’s story is getting more intriguing

6:19:21 PM: Kamandi makes me want to re-read Tellos.

6:20:35 PM: I love the giant splash page on Metamorpho! (And the joke about a subscription to Element Dog!)

6:23:15 PM: That’s an awful lot of typos in Teen Titans for a one page story.

6:25:43 PM: It must suck to have only one soldier to defend your capital city.

6:29:04 PM: When I think “Wonder Woman,” I always think of a talking, glowing fish for a sidekick. (Okay, maybe not.)

6:33:27 PM: Whoa, awkward moment for Barry, Iris and Barry!

6:34:26 PM: The different coloring techniques stand out more this week, too.

6:35:49 PM: I can see a paradox brewin’, though.

6:36:57 PM: Hah! “Stately Blood Manor.”

6:41:47 PM: The Demon and the Cat. Yes, Demon and the Cat. One is a burglar, the other’s a prat.

6:45:55 PM: Hey, kids! Learn Hawkman’s secret sign language! You too can join the Junior JSA!