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DC Nation (Friday) – LIVE!

It took me a while to get into this panel, but I’m here now!

Featuring: Dan Didio, Jim Lee, Grant Morisson, Geoff Johns and J. Michael Straczynski with fans dressed as Darkseid, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman.

4:32 Whew- made it in!

4:32 Grant Morrison is talking about the Joel Schumaker Batman movies & liking the “obscene rubber costumes.” Alfred: “I took the liberty, sir….”

4:33 Onstage: Dan Didio, Jim Lee, Geoff JOhns, Grant Morrison, JMS, with Darkseid, a female Green Lantern, and…Gypsy? [edit: it’s new-costume Wonder Woman]

4:34 Batman and the Kathy Kane Batwoman Costume…wait, Batman’s *wearing* the costume?

4:35 Grant’s talking about liking to create new characters for the Batman universe

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DC Focus: Geoff Johns – Live at Comic-Con 2010

If all goes well, a few minutes after this post goes live, I’ll be live-blogging the panel! Once it gets started, the view here should update automatically as I add to it.

2:01 Geoff Johns has just walked onstage. “I’m supposed to have a moderator. He didn’t show up.”

2:02 Big Green Lantern (movie?) logo on screen.

2:03 “Oh, yeah, I also worked on…” YJ, DCUO

2:03 1/2 second of Blue Beetle footage – “Oh, wait, pause that!” “Nooooo!”

2:04 Says his job as CCO is to bring as many of DC’s characters as possible beyond comics – and do it *properly.*

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DC Nation Kickoff – Live at Comic-Con

If all goes well, a few minutes after this post goes live, I’ll be live-blogging the panel! Once it gets started, the view here should update automatically as I add to it.

11:30 Welcome to the Speed Force live coverage of the DC Nation Kickoff at SDCC! This is a bit of an experiment, and the network connection is pretty slow, so we’ll see how it goes.

11:31 Dan Didio is introducing himself and the panel

11:31 DD: There is no big announcement from DC, I think DC is big enough as it is!

11:32 DD: bringing someone back from the dead… Hawkgirl!

11:32 Bob Wayne is up next

11:33 Jeff Lemire

11:33 Bill Willingham now…

11:34 J.T. Krull & Nicola Scott

11:34 “The man who made Justice Cry….James Robinson”

11:36 DD: Last year everyone was saying there was too much Death in DC comics, and now they’re applauding it. (re: Action Comics) Continue reading

DC Universe at Comic-Con: Big Flash News UPDATED

AARGH! Liveblogging failed. Lots on Twitter. BIG news: Geoff Johns on Flash ongoing after Blackest Night: Flash, Sterling Gates on Kid Flash ongoing.

Update: Now that the day’s tweets have been imported, here’s my full running commentary on the panel.

  • Inkpot award to Bob Wayne
  • SDCC is like “longest Thanksgiving dinner ever” – con staffer
  • Flash:Rebirth – bunch of Flashes behind him on final cover
  • Some costume changes & a new speedster by end of Flash:Rebirth
  • Sounded like Flash ongoing starts after Blackest Night:Flash. They’re all Geoff Johns-written.
  • Troia, Batman, Hal &…Monel w/ S symbol In JLA.
  • Good Dr. Light vs Black Lantern evil Dr. Light
  • Guessing Batgirl’s ID: Stephanie Brown? DD: “No spoilers here.”
  • DCU panel info is coming fast & furious – hard to keep up
  • Titans’ new leader…let’s just say it’s not Wally as rumored on ComicBloc.
  • GS: WW to renounce Amazons & become more of a super-hero than ever
  • Sterling Gates on Kid Flash series!
  • Rainbow Raider will be a Black Lantern. GJ: “I guess he’ll be the Black & White Raider.”
  • C’mon, random fanboy…wait till you see the new writer’s work before begging Geoff to come back to Teen Titans.
  • Question cosplayer at mike: “I have a question…”
  • DD on renumbering books that have been relaunched: content more important than number on cover, low numbers may bring in more new readers.
  • Geoff Johns: artist lined up for Flash ongoing, can’t talk about it yet. [Edit: GJ adds that he can only say the artist is “awesome.”]
  • Fan requests a Snapper Carr & Jimmy Olsen team-up in Brave & the Bold.

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DC Nation at Comic-Con

3:06:09 PM: Posing for photo w/ Liberty Belle&Stargirl. Dan Didio walks up: “I hate to do this to the Flash, but I need the ladies.” [Edit: here’s a picture with the same people from earlier in line.]

3:10:21 PM: Huge applause for Geoff Johns

3:11:21 PM: Plush Dex-Starr red kitty of rage [Edit: Dex-Starr was brought by The Nerdy Bird]

3:13:05 PM: Full of rage because of crappy con food! [Edit: DD came out wearing about 10 layers of T-shirts, including all the Lantern Corps, and asked the audience to shout out why they should get the red lantern shirt, the orange lantern shirt (“I want that shirt!” was the winner there), etc.]

3:21:03 PM: Fan: like seeing characters reacting to other chars’ deaths.

3:23:53 PM: DD: What did you like abt LO3W5? Fan: it finally came out.

3:26:47 PM: JR: JLA Cry for Justice will have major implications for JLA & America

3:30:51 PM: Black Lantern Billy Mays asks about Damian, West kids, etc. as new gen of heroes. DD says they’re really trying to work in new chars

3:32:17 PM: Fan: Will there be white lanterns who show up and save the day? Other fan: why does it always have to be black vs white?

3:33:27 PM: Let Hourman ask his question, he’s running out of time!

3:38:21 PM: Dancing Sinestro?!?

3:40:24 PM: The bit about new chars earlier includes, ex. the rainbow lantern corps, the New Krypton chars, etc.

3:42:47 PM: Ambush Bug #6 – “We got so awesome that we ran out of things to make fun of” Ian Sattler. DD real answer: too busy, in the works

3:44:46 PM: Geoff Johns: it’s not a trinity, it’s a pentagram (Supes, Bats, WW, GL, Flash)

3:45:57 PM: DD: Kids’ books have to read as kids’ books, not what adults remember from 60s

3:47:26 PM: GJ: will explore time, nature of Speed Force, all speedsters & what’s beyond in Flash:Rebirth

3:48:48 PM: Ravager asks: w/o Trigon, what’s Raven’s role? DD: will be involved in TEEN Titans

3:49:46 PM: GJ: Blackest Night: Flash will explain Captain Boomerang Jr

3:51:02 PM: GJ: entire story of Flash: Rebirth is in the Flash Museum at the beginning

3:53:44 PM: #BlackestNight 3: who do you want to come back? Ted Kord, Pa Kent, Max Lord…Jesus…Michael Jackson…

3:55:03 PM: And that’s it!

Geoff Johns Spotlight at Comic-Con

2:21:11 PM: Geoff Johns & Scott Kolins are doing Blackest Night: Flash!

2:30:02 PM: “Black Lantern Billy Mays here.”

2:31:53 PM: Barry’s back for good. BN: Flash stars Barry, Wally & lots of dead Rogues. BN takes place after Rebirth

2:32:39 PM: Dex-star vs Krypto!

2:34:27 PM: How Geoff would write Batman: “I’d probably just give him a yellow ring”

2:36:21 PM: Geoff “not leaving Green Lantern anytime soon.”

2:38:53 PM: Fan: Kyle as artist good focus for GL power, so why Hal? GJ: Focus is on overcoming fear

2:39:54 PM: Cruddy twitter connection might inspire arrival of a red ring… grrr…

2:42:04 PM: Geoff on Blackest Night: of COURSE it’s violent! The dead are rising from their graves!

2:43:05 PM: Trade-waiter avoiding Blackest Night spoilers. Geoff: “Wrong panel”

2:48:18 PM: Re: movies, Geoff is concentrating on Flash right now

2:49:46 PM: Geoff on internships: most stress was lunch-got chewed out once by exec for not remembering mango salsa.

3:01:11 PM: Great story abt trashing Richard Donner’s car SPECTACULARLY as an intern! Geoff Johns

3:02:40 PM: Fan asked abt Kid Flash or expander Flash ongoings…Geoff almost answered but Eddie Berganza stopped him. “8-ball is in your favor”

3:07:42 PM: Make Flash appealing to wider audience: everyone’s caught up in speed these days. Build on that.

3:10:55 PM: What’s going on w/ Barry will become clear in Flash:Rebirth #4-5

3:20:18 PM: Fan won $40 on a bet b/c Geoff couldn’t answer a spoilery question

3:21:17 PM: Oh, NOW the phone has a good signal, after I walk out of the room

3:22:06 PM: Oh, yeah, origin of Dex-star has been planned.