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Art Preview: Reverse-Flash #1

Reverse Flash #1 Art Preview

DC Comics has released two pages of art from the upcoming Reverse-Flash one-shot that will reveal the new villain’s origin.

So now you know the “who” of Reverse-Flash’s identity, but you don’t yet know the “why.” That’s what you’ll find out in his Villains Month one-shot.

In THE FLASH #23.2: REVERSE-FLASH, learn the tragic backstory behind how Daniel West turned into the villain he is today. You’ll also learn a lot about his sister, Iris, and how their relationship has impacted Daniel. The issue will also set up how THE FLASH #25 will be a tie-in for BATMAN: ZERO YEAR by giving readers a first look at how and why Iris ends up in Gotham City.

The issue is written by [correction] Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato with art by guest artist Scott Hepburn, who shares a studio with Francis Manapul.

DC goes on to say a bit more about the issue. Beware spoilers if you haven’t read this week’s issue.