Art Preview: Reverse-Flash #1

Reverse Flash #1 Art Preview

DC Comics has released two pages of art from the upcoming Reverse-Flash one-shot that will reveal the new villain’s origin.

So now you know the “who” of Reverse-Flash’s identity, but you don’t yet know the “why.” That’s what you’ll find out in his Villains Month one-shot.

In THE FLASH #23.2: REVERSE-FLASH, learn the tragic backstory behind how Daniel West turned into the villain he is today. You’ll also learn a lot about his sister, Iris, and how their relationship has impacted Daniel. The issue will also set up how THE FLASH #25 will be a tie-in for BATMAN: ZERO YEAR by giving readers a first look at how and why Iris ends up in Gotham City.

The issue is written by [correction] Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato with art by guest artist Scott Hepburn, who shares a studio with Francis Manapul.

DC goes on to say a bit more about the issue. Beware spoilers if you haven’t read this week’s issue.


4 thoughts on “Art Preview: Reverse-Flash #1

  1. Kyer

    It was an evil cup of java?
    I knew coffee was bad for you. Must be the caffeine. Evil caffeine. Maybe from the Bizzaro world. Bizarro coffee beans with husky pods.

    I’m staying away from coffee.

  2. BrianBooch

    FYI, guys… the issue was co-written by Francis and I. They made a mistake with the DC article. We wrote it together.

  3. Kyer

    I gotta say (because nobody else here is at the moment) that the Reverse Flash design is really kind of cool. I like how he seems a mesh between Black Flash, Reverse Flash, and someone with a severe case of a skin disorder of some sort.
    That didn’t seem half as weird to me as before I started typing it.
    Anyway, kudos on the design.


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