January 31, 2009

Speed Reading: Super-Friends, Secret Identities, and More

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Logan Mo Mott continues his Reviews of Flash vol.2, with issues #3 and #4, introducing the Kilg%re.

Comics Worth Reading reviews the All-New Super-Friends Hour.

CBR talks with Marc Guggenheim about “Character Assassination” in Spider-Man

The Comics Journal reprints an angry letter from Carmine Infantino regarding payments for some use of Black Canary. (via The Beat)

Comics in Crisis discusses the Worst-Kept Secret Identities, including Flash Wally West.

Comic Book Kingdom quotes a scene from Middleman in which the two leads discuss comic books, in particular the Flash.

And a bit off-topic, this list of Geek Gods tries to re-imagine the Greek/Roman pantheon with geek icons of today, with Stan Lee as Zeus, Majel Barret Roddenberry as Hera, Wil Wheaton as Hemes, and so forth.

2 responses to “Speed Reading: Super-Friends, Secret Identities, and More”

  1. Will says:

    You should get those volume 2 reviews as guest blog entries on your site. Each issue review could be an additional post.

    I’ve never heard of someone doing reviews on a forum like that. I will try to follow it but it seems difficult to track and keep up with.

  2. Kelson says:

    Hmm, that sounds like a good idea. I’ll have to ask if he’s interested.

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