March 27, 2009

Geoff Johns talks Flash:Rebirth at ComicsPRO

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NewsOK’s Nerdage has posted two articles relating to Flash: Rebirth and Blackest Night. First, a short video interview with Geoff Johns (which I haven’t watched yet because I have no sound). Second, a write-up of Flash and Green Lantern in which Geoff Johns remarks that the two heroes will be the “cornerstones” of the DC Universe this year.

The most intriguing remark:

Barry Allen returning from the dead is “the worst thing that ever happened to him,” Johns said.

That puts an interesting perspective on it, and actually reminds me of sixth-season Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in which the title character comes back from the dead…and isn’t as happy about it as you might expect.

2 responses to “Geoff Johns talks Flash:Rebirth at ComicsPRO”

  1. rwe1138 says:

    Hopefully this will lead to a musical issue. 😉

  2. Chris Arndt says:

    I always envisioned Hal coming back ignorant of the fact that some dude was running around with his name for a year committing cosmic genocide in his name.

    “Hey. You killed 3597 of my best buddies!” “I did?!”

    Geoff Johns doesn’t write comics that way I would.

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