May 26, 2011

Exclusive Flash Converse Available for Preorder

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Converse has FINALLY gotten around to making an official pair of DC Comics licensed Flash Chuck Taylors. Chuck Taylors were a style of shoe first created in 1915, with the current incarnation being popularized in the 70s. Converse has released several different kinds of shoes over the years featuring DC Comics characters including Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern. To my knowledge the closest we got to having a pair of Flash Chucks before was if we made them ourselves:


Now Flash and Converse fans finally have an official pair of shoes to rock:

Available exclusively through popular online shoe website, Journeys. The shoes are currently available for pre-order to ship in June, although I think they have gone through their initial stock because my order is back-ordered until July. I’m crossing my fingers that the order goes through, there is no telling how many of these shoes are available. They are pretty affordable at $59.99 so if you plan on ordering them I would do it asap.

Anyone else plan on ordering a pair of these? How many of you would actually wear them?

Thanks for reading,

Devin “Flash” Johnson

11 responses to “Exclusive Flash Converse Available for Preorder”

  1. West says:

    Thanks, Devin.
    I would wear the lightning-energized crap out of that second pair…if I were willing to buy shoes without trying them on.

    I might have bought a pair to save and one to wear but eventually, one would be worn out and the other might make it to funkytown.

    Damned cool.

  2. Kyer says:

    Honestly? I kind’a like the fan-made pair better. Plus, also am extremely leery of buying shoes without trying them on as am a very hard fit. Now as a collector’s novelty, yeah…but for the same money prefer figurines and books.

    That said I’d probably snatch them up (any size) like the fangirl I am if I saw them where I could get my fingers on them and my wallet at the same time. -_-;;

  3. Lia says:

    I like them, but probably wouldn’t wear them — they don’t look like they have enough support. I put my shoes through a lot of abuse (what with doing a lot of walking, and some weird foot/leg deformity that makes my feet turn in and thus almost walk on my ankles), and they likely wouldn’t last long.

    It is about time they were made — whose shoes are as important as the Flash’s?

  4. BMF says:

    At last! Will definitely try to squeeze a pair out of anyone who cares to get me some. I’d wear them outside in…well, a flash.

  5. Roberto Vindell says:

    Devin! I love you! As soon as I saw these I drooled alittle! Count me in! Pre-ordering NOW!

  6. Ken O says:

    I go through a pair of Chucks every 6 months. I just destroy them. So I’d like a pair, but it will strictly for display.

  7. YraniGami says:

    I would definitely order each of the three but only for display in my won Flash museum. 🙂 Yeah, it was only a matter of time.

  8. CalmlyDisturbed says:

    I like the pair I made more. So I’m probably just gonna stick with those.

  9. Mike W. says:

    I don’t mind them. The only problem I have with them is I can’t buy a pair of shoes I haven’t tried on yet. I’ll have to check out the Journey’s store in my local mall this next month.

  10. Nick D says:

    Ive been trying to find theses shoes for the past 2 months , but havent been able to find them.If you can tell me where i can find these, it would really help. Thanks. you can reach me @

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