December 30, 2011

Flash #4 Variant Cover by Eric Basaldua

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Comicvine’s page detailing The Flash #4 includes Eric Basaldua’s variant cover for the issue. DC seems to have stopped promoting the alternate covers beyond naming the artists in the solicitations. The last one I saw on an official site or press release was the variant for issue #1.

It’s been interesting to look at the different approaches various artists take to the new costume, as well as to compare the mostly story-focused, stylized and representational covers from regular artist/co-writer Francis Manapul to the more standard “Flash running/stopping” covers used for the variants. Of course, I have no doubt that many of the variant covers were assignments to “draw a Flash cover,” rather than to draw a Flash cover for a particular story or even issue.

2 responses to “Flash #4 Variant Cover by Eric Basaldua”

  1. Kyer says:

    I think you’re right about the ‘generic’ covers.

    This one is….not speaking to me.

    Don’t like the starkness of his face and don’t get why his boot lines are prominent while the others are (understandably) blurred by his motion.
    Also, always did dislike Heavy Weightlifting Champion Flash no matter who was under the cowl.

    Although I do give myself a laugh picturing thick-chested Flash trying to kiss a Power Girl type on a date. Bumper cars…. 😛

  2. married guy says:

    I still prefer this one to the Jim Lee variant for #3.

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