May 5, 2012

Speed Reading

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And of course be sure to check in with The Fastest Fan Alive for Flash collectibles and The Rogues Kick Ass for the Rogues.

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  1. Kyer says:

    I wouldn’t mind the aquarium…if someone would clean it. Aquaman would do. 🙂

    Flash’s tracks: I seem to recall a couple of times where Wally unintentionally caused sonic booms. Ignition had one such instance. Pretty sure there were more. Anyway, I prefer to think the Flashes don’t just run. Nothing wrong with throwing in a few skips, hopscotches, and a moonwalk now and then….especially when you are moving so fast only another speedster could witness you joyously making a fool of yourself.

    Thrillbent: I was fine with it as is, but hey. Very looking forward to May 9th with the next Insufferable installment. God help me I’m more anxious to see that than I am a DC book. 😀 Just don’t kill the protoganist, Mr. Waid…*please*. 🙁

    Nobody should have to view Ewoks a second time. That’s inhuman. I don’t care how fast some of them got.

  2. Eyz says:

    some nice tidbits/links 😛

  3. Ken O. says:

    Poor Ewoks. I think they get a bad rap. Way worse things have happened to Star Wars…like Bea Arthur.

  4. Kyer says:

    Found something that made me smile and wish it were true:

    This ‘cover page’ put out by famousfanboy of Wally, Garth, Donna, and Batgirl as The Fantastic Four “because why let good characters go to waste?”

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