February 27, 2013

First Look at The New Reverse-Flash! [SPOILERS]

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In addition to the climactic showdown between Flash and Grodd for Central City and the Speed Force, today’s Flash #17 gave readers the first look at the new Reverse-Flash!


Speculation on the villain’s new identity has been rampant since the announcement that there would be an all-new Reverse-Flash for the New 52.  Kelson presented an analysis of the possibilities and guest writer Scott Timms made the case for erstwhile Flash Wally West as the new opposite number for Barry Allen’s heroic identity.  While the identity remains a mystery, today’s issue provided the first look and at least answered a couple of the up-front questions.  Follow the jump for the reveal!

Beware, SPOILERS for FLASH #17’s reveal of the new REVERSE-FLASH are after the jump.  You’ve been warned!


41 responses to “First Look at The New Reverse-Flash! [SPOILERS]”

  1. TheFlash1990 says:

    Nice! I like what we can see of him….

    The new series has been great so far. Loving Barry Allen (my fave Flash).

  2. Devin says:

    Doesn’t that picture look like that armor is forming around him (new Barry armor style) into something else? This might not be the final look…but it wouldn’t be bad if it were.

  3. Mike W. says:

    Hope that isn’t Wally. Hope it isn’t Walter. Horrible looking costume. No arm bands?

  4. Thunderbolt_005 says:

    This is a really great concept!

    Wally will “kick…” Barry’s “…ass,”?!

  5. Kyer says:

    Please dear God don’t be any character I love!

    Kind of looks like Black Hand.

  6. Lee H says:

    I get the feeling that Dr Elias is misdirection. Daniel West is the second most likely candidate (he has reason to dislike both Flash and Barry Allen), but hopefully Francis and Brian will keep us guessing.

  7. married guy says:

    I really like the look.
    Definitely looks like armour coming together, same as Barry.
    Like Kyer said, so long as it’s not a character I love (Wally), I’m happy to go along for the ride.

  8. Kyer says:

    I can’t help but think that if Barry is constantly going forward and this guy is enamored with going in reverse…

    It’s going to be one short battle.

  9. Scott Timms says:

    He looks badass!!! Def not wally wayyyyyyyy too primally evil looking. Dr. Elias is my call, but does seem obvious. Did any one else try and compare the facial features of Dr. Elias a few pages back with reverse flash lol? If its not him he definately has a part in it. Man cant wait for that arc!!!! Enjoy your Vacation Mr. Manapul but hurry!!!!!!

  10. Scott Timms says:

    Is it legal to start a betting pool on who the reverse flash is? Anyone with bookie knowledge should start making odds and what not! Watch everyone be wrong and it is the Rival!! HAHA

  11. Aedien says:

    I have really mixed feelings about this…..The costume is sort of iffy for me, but I agree that it doesn’t look fully formed, plus the lighting in …wherever that is, is sort of red so the color might be off. Anyway, I don’t want it to be Wally, but having it be older Bart or alternate Barry would be interesting, yet then he may not be around for very long since they would try to ‘cure’ their future/alternate self. Also has anyone considered Inertia? That could be interesting. What ever happened to that kid after Wally turned him into a statue anyway? Is he ever mentioned again? hmmm..

  12. Savitar says:

    It’s a striking design but I too wonder if this is really the final look .
    Love the reverse lightning bolt symbol.

  13. KamauRashid says:

    This looks very, very interesting. I hope that its Dr. Elias or Wally West. A Barry Allen doppelganger would be interesting.

  14. Tony Laplume says:

    What’s interesting is that this Reverse Flash looks more like the rest of the Rogues than previous incarnations…I’d say that this is a good thing.

  15. CraigM says:

    That looks horrible. The old yellow and red version was much better.

    • Kyer says:

      We are only seeing the Reverse Throttle/Backwards Cousin Speed Force suit about half way(?) through its transformation. Kind of hard to really judge it yet….though am definitely getting a Black Flash/Black Lantern vibe. And, hey, if it is the scientist, he’s got his own Speed Force Battery!
      (I wonder what the Reverse Speed Lantern motto will be and if there will be an actual Corps or something like Larfleeze and the Orange Lantern?

    • Thunderbolt_005 says:

      The first time I saw the Reverse Flash, old yellow, I , because I had just read only one month before Wolfman and Perez New Teen Titans for the first time, thought the Reverse Flash was Wally, Kid Flash, all grown up. The design fit. To me, a 10 year old at the time, it made perfect sense.

  16. Thunderbolt_005 says:

    Mymoney is on Wally and all character moves, or lack there of, with Wally have been unpopular to this point. They even dressed him up as the Piper in Kid Flash Lost and then froze him to death. I’m betting Wally, because it would upset so many fans and, I feel the only way Wally fits into the New52 is as an extremely angry villain. Look at what Barry took from him.

  17. Abigail says:

    I hope its Wally but hes being controlled somehow.and then after the arc is finished they get rid of the mind control and he turns good again. And then him and Barry are partners blah blah blah.

    Honestly, at this point any mention/cameo of Wally is welcomed.

  18. Realitätsprüfung says:

    it won’t be Wally or any other pre-existing character; the writers recently confirmed it will be an all-new character, rather than a re-imagined one.