June 6, 2013

Francis Manapul & Marcus To Nominated for 2013 Shuster Awards

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The 2013 Joe Shuster Award nominations for Canadian comics creators are out, and two Flash artists are on the list!

Francis Manapul has been nominated for the Cartoonist / Auteur category, for creators who write and illustrate their own work. This is his fourth year in a row being nominated for the awards, having been nominated for Artist once and Cover Artist twice. In 2011, he won the Cover Comic Book Artist category. Moving into the author category puts him in competition against such heavy hitters as Darwyn Cooke and Jeff Lemire.

Marcus To (Flash #10, 15) has been nominated for the Artist / Dessinateur category, for creators who illustrate others’ stories. This is his first time being nominated.

Congratulations to both on their nominations!

Flash #10 - Weather Wizard

5 responses to “Francis Manapul & Marcus To Nominated for 2013 Shuster Awards”

  1. Kevin Boyd says:

    Actually, Francis won the award for Outstanding Comic Book Artist in 2011, the cover artist who won in 2011 was Fiona Staples.

  2. Scott says:

    Congrats Braws!!!!!

  3. Kyer says:

    Both well deserved nominations. Congratulations!

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