January 21, 2014

Flash TV show update: Jesse L. Martin cast as Detective West

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Jesse L MartinAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, the Flash TV pilot has cast Jesse L. Martin as Detective West. The role is described as a blue-collar cop, father to Iris West and a father figure to Barry Allen after his mother’s murder and his father’s arrest for the crime. Martin is probably best known as Detective Ed Green on Law and Order. (Link and image via Flash TV News.)

6 responses to “Flash TV show update: Jesse L. Martin cast as Detective West”

  1. Lia says:

    Surprised to see it isn’t Ernie Hudson.

  2. Hector says:

    Should have been Ernie Hudson…

  3. Wally East says:

    Ernie Hudson would’ve been fine but I really like Jesse L. Martin and am excited about this casting.

  4. veronicadiall says:

    Depending on the which tract they plan on going. I suspect that they went with Martin, as a younger actor, who teach or inspire Gustin’s wimpy version of Barry Allen to grow up and act and act like man

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