January 18, 2014

Media Blitz!: Booth on Wally, Johns on Cold (via Newsarama)

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Newsarama has been busy with Flash-related news and interviews over the past few days, and you can find links and relevant snippets here (read the articles for the full details).  Some of this information should be considered spoilers, so proceed with caution.


First, they talked to Brett Booth about how Wally West will be handled in the New 52.

Nrama: Let’s talk about what you guys are facing now. We’ve had two and a half years of the New 52 with no Flash except Barry Allen. What’s the biggest challenge about introducing Wally West at this time, with Barry already established?

Booth: I think it will be getting people to accept this version. I know what some people are expecting, I know what I’d want. He will be different, for one thing, in the old DCU he was Iris’s sister’s kid. She has a brother now, so things won’t be exactly the same. The original Wally was from a different time, a very Norman Rockwell sort of place. That is no longer the case for anyone in the New 52. He will reflect that, I’m sure.

It was announced on Friday morning that Captain Cold (and Lex Luthor) will be joining Geoff Johns’ Justice League, and the Flash is mysteriously absent from the team’s pictured lineup.  Geoff Johns then gave an interview about what he’ll be doing with the series, as well as some details about some of the other Justice League-related titles.  He remained tight-lipped about the missing Flash, saying that people will have to read the book to find out.  However, he did say a little bit about Captain Cold and the Rogues’ response to the promotion:

Nrama: I know you love the Flash Rogues. How do they react to Captain Cold joining the Justice League? Is that something you’ll show?

Johns: Yeah, they have a lot of drinks and get really drunk. They assume they get a get-out-of-jail-free card. You know?  No, they think it’s golden, but Cold is in way over his head, you know? He’s the guy that goes to the Watchtower, after he teleports into space, and you know, he’s sick for 10 minutes.  But I think Captain Cold brings ­ again, it’s like, personalities. As soon as I start to put these characters in a room, they have these reactions. They have to work together.

Johns also mentioned he was busy working on the Flash TV series, but didn’t say much beyond that.  Still, it’s interesting to know he’s so heavily involved with the project.
What do you think about these revelations?  Feel free to share your thoughts here! For the full interviews, follow the links above to Newsarama!