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I know it’s been a while, but I’m going to try to run a Speed Reading post every so often (maybe monthly?) featuring links to Flash-related articles around the net. I have been keeping up posting these links on social media, so if I fall behind on the round-ups again, you can follow along on Twitter at @SpeedForceOrg, Facebook: Speed Force, or Google+: Speed Force.

TV and Movies

IGN’s DC/CW TV update: Flash, Hourman, iZombie, Wonder Woman, Gotham. Flash’s chances look good.

Flickering Myth has a run-down of the Flash’s long journey to the screen, including reviews of the scripts by David Goyer, Chris Brancato, and the most recent draft by Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim.

@FlashCWFans is doing a digital comics giveaway.

Count Drunkula has been doing a fan cast for the Flash, the Rogues, and other Flash villains.

The TV Addict interviews Grant Gustin, the actor playing Barry Allen


That F’ing Monkey looks at the bizarre Speed Strike Flash action figure.


Collected Editions reviews Flash vol.2: Rogues Revolution.

The Fire and Water podcast reviews Fury of Firestorm #6, guest-starring the Pied Piper.

Added: Grumpy Old Fan contemplates the return of Wally West at Robot6.

Follow Along!

You can follow the Speed Force team members for additional Flash and comics material at The Rogues Kick Ass (Lia), Fastest Fan Alive (Devin), and TMStash (Ed).

Some other active Flash sites to keep an eye on include The Flash Podcast, Flash TV News, The Fastest Forum Alive, The New 52 Flash, and Flash CW Fans.


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