March 20, 2014

Barry Allen in DC vs Marvel Superhero March Madness!

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As previously reported, there is a DC vs Marvel Superhero March Madness bracket challenge going on at, and now it is Barry Allen’s turn…and he needs your votes!  Barry is facing off with Nightcrawler of the X-Men in Day 5 of the contest, which has already seen some major upsets including Batman’s defeat in Day 1 by Power Girl!  There have already been a lot of followers showing up to vote in Superhero March Madness, and this vote is a big one for Flash fans!  You can check out the brackets at, or follow the link below to go straight to Barry versus Nightcrawler:

And, stay tuned for Saturday’s Day 6 competition, which will include Wally West!  For today though, Barry Allen is looking to YOU for help – be sure to tell your friends and VOTE!

3 responses to “Barry Allen in DC vs Marvel Superhero March Madness!”

  1. Scott Timms says:

    209-4 when i voted…duke lost i wont stand for flash losing too

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